4th July, Independence Day: Host Your Own Party

Today is Independence Day, one of the most important dates on the American calendar. A paid national holiday, Independence Day celebrates United States’ adoption of the Declaration of Independence on the 4th July 1776, declaring independence from Great Britain.

Independence Day is commonly celebrated with BBQs, parades, picnics, fireworks, concerts, baseball games and carnivals. Public events are held throughout America to celebrate the history, government and traditions of the United States.

 Host a BBQ!

One of the most common ways to celebrate Independence Day in the United States is to host a BBQ.  Take a look at some of the traditional dishes cooked up on Independence Day, with easy to follow recipes so that you can give them a go yourself.

Hamburgers & Cheeseburgers

A staple of the Independence Day BBQ, juicy beef burgers are often filled with pickles, cheese, lettuce, onion and tomatoes, but feel free to choose your favourite fillings!

Hot Dogs

America is famed for its hot dogs, often seen as one of the national foods. According to hot dog company Schmidt Brothers, Americans consume around six billion hot dogs throughout the month of July, with 155 million of those being consumed on the 4th July alone. Judging by some of those recipes, we can’t blame them.

Potato Salad

A cold accompaniment to the hot food on offer at a BBQ, potato salad is also a classic picnic dish. Quick and easy to prepare, it’s also delicious too.

Fried Chicken

Served hot and cold, fried chicken is a staple of any Independence Day picnic or BBQ. Easy to oven dry, fried chicken is delicious when served with potatoes (potato salad for instance), rice, vegetables and corn on the cob.


If you’re thinking of hosting an Independence Day BBQ, pie is a given. Choose pie fillings in the colours of the American flag (cherry and blueberry are favourites), or go for the traditional American apple pie.

Grilled Corn on the Cob

Corn on the cob is a tasty accompaniment to plenty of BBQ and picnic dishes, and it is incredibly quick and easy to make. Follow the recipe we have suggested, and finish it off by adding a knob of butter over the top for an even tastier finish.

American Flag Cake

No party is complete without a cake, so why not make a themed one? Many Independence Day celebrations include an American Flag Cake, comprising of red, white and blue icing (or frosting), with sprinkles and detailing to resemble the United States’ famous stars and stripes.


Watermelon provides a refreshing touch to a BBQ or picnic, with barely any preparation needed. Or, add it into other dishes, like this salad from Five Heart Home.

Corn Dogs

Like hot dogs and burgers, corn dogs are another national favourite. Corn dogs are deep fried frankfurters, that are a delicious snack and party accompaniment. Dip it into mustard, BBQ sauce or ketchup to enhance the flavour.

 Ways To Celebrate

As well as cooking up a tasty BBQ, there are plenty of ways to get in the spirit. Commonly, Americans celebrate by hanging an American flag, dressing in the red, white and blue colours of the American flag, with patriotic touches (face-painting is a common one), whilst there are several parades held throughout the U.S., along with firework displays and other local events. Many families hold a BBQ during the day, and finish the event off with a night time firework display.

 Dress in Red, White & Blue

Embrace the colours of the American flag by dressing patriotically! Here are some suggestions:


 Above: True Religion White Eagle Logo T-Shirt (Zeecode 81896), Adidas Super Stonewash Denim Shorts (Zeecode 80440), Adidas White Superstar Foundation Trainer (Zeecode 83501).

Above: Emporio Armani Crew Neck Logo T-Shirt (Zeecode 88430), Polo Ralph Lauren White Newport Shorts (Zeecode 85124), Converse All Star Lo-Top Navy Trainer (Zeecode 82183).


Above: Wildfox Coral Shooting Star Top (Zeecode 72018), DSquared2 Denim Cool Girl Shorts (Zeecode 70762), Adidas White Superstar 80s Trainer (Zeecode 70651).

Above: Wildfox Cream Sleeveless Crop Top (Zeecode 72016), Wildfox Cream Sun Shorts (Zeecode 72017), Adidas Red Adilette Sandal (Zeecode 71405).

Happy Independence Day from all of us at Zee & Co!

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The Most Iconic Fashion Moments in Movies – Classic

The film industry is notorious for implementing fashion trends and inspiring the masses to buy certain outfits and styles. Over the years, there have been countless instances where an actor or actress dons a costume that catches the headlines of fashion publications everywhere. There are so many entries to the list that we have split it into two; classic and modern cinema. Be sure to check our modern list next week!

James Dean – Rebel Without a Cause (1955)
A list like this must start as it means to go on. James Dean, the legend who spoke for the restless youth of the fifties, in the 1955 classic ‘Rebel Without a Cause’ is impossible to overlook. James Dean’s character played a key role in the younger generation deviating from the fashion of their parents. Defiant, rebellious and revolutionary are all words that are used to refer to his outfits in this film. Most notable of which is the red blouson jacket, white t-shirt and Lee jeans which have become the stuff of legend for fashion enthusiasts. Not only did this inspire a generation but it was the catalyst in the shift that made casual clothing commonly worn and accepted.

Grace Kelly – Rear Window (1954)
Everyone knows that Alfred Hitchcock was a genius of cinema, any film critic will happily lecture for hours about how he can tell an entire story in a single shot. Yet it is not just his film making which made Rear Window so noteworthy. Grace Kelly’s dress doesn’t tell a story, it presents a biography in black and white fabric. A luxuriously deep V-neckline set aside capped sleeves upon a black bodice which then in turn leads to a flowing white chiffon tulle. Vine detail stretches down the white bottom while the black upper is offset by an exquisite white pearl necklace. This dress profiles Grace Kelly’s character (Lisa Freemont) perfectly, a polished and opulent exterior is represented by the white silk yet the character’s desires and provocations are emanated from the black torso. Jeff: “Is this the Lisa Freemont who never wears the same dress twice?” Lisa: “Only because it’s expected of her”.

Phil Daniels – Quadrophenia (1979)
“I don’t want to be like everyone else!” a young Jimmy Cooper shouts at his father. A true statement yet one which is harshly ironic, in the eyes of director Franc Roddam, and is reverberated deeply in this film surrounding the youthful exploits of the self-confessed Mod played by Phil Daniels. The rebellious streak that naturally occurs to members of this irreverent subculture is clearly presented in this historic film which plainly decorates the highs and lows of a young man finding his feet in life. The fashion of the early 60s is echoed in spectacular form set to the sounds of The Who’s eponymous rock opera. Vespa scooters finished with an excessive number of mirrors, Fred Perry shirts, oversized green parka coats and sharp slim fitting suits can all be seen in this movie. This dark cinematic masterpiece highlights the transformation that is made from what started as a revolt against regular fashion to what became the latest trend.

Olivia Newton John – Grease (1978)
Grease is a film about teenage romance, good girls and bad boys in the summer of 1959. Olivia Newton John’s transformation from her good girl image to sexy skin tight black leather is an iconic moment in the film that has become a favourite for musical fans everywhere.

Ursula Andress – Dr No (1972)
The first bikini was showcased in a 1946 Paris Fashion Show, though through the 50s the outfit was still considered a taboo. By 1962 that all changed when Ursula Andress strutted from the sea in a sultry cream bikini with military belt. Girls wanted to be her and guys… well, we all know what guys wanted. Many fashion critics state that Ursula Andress’ outfit in Dr No was the cause of a monumental shift in attitudes to this form of swimwear. Everyone just pause for a second to appreciate this amazing moment in fashion history… or just stare at Ursula Andress.

Marilyn Monroe – The Seven Year Itch (1955)
How can this list not mention Marilyn Monroe’s incredibly famous white halterneck dress? Possibly the most memorable image of Marilyn’s career, the scene of The Seven Year Itch where she stood over a subway grating in Manhattan with her skirt blowing in the gust was shot and reshot time and time again while onlookers whistled and cheered. This image was so vastly circulated that it became synonymous with the actress at the height of her popularity.

John Belushi and John Aykroyd – Blues Brothers (1980)
There are countless characters on screen that are made famous for their suits: James Bond is infamous for donning the sharpest formal attire that money can buy, Don Corleone from The Godfather stands as the figure of authority with a small red rose pinned to his lapel and then there’s The Blues Brothers. Black fedoras, black Ray-Bans, black skinny ties and black suits were worn throughout the film while the brothers were on their “mission from god”. A fancy dress party without someone dressed as The Blues Brothers simply isn’t a fancy dress party worth going to.

Julia Roberts – Pretty Woman (1990)
How could we not give Pretty Woman a mention? The problem with this film though is that there are so many incredible outfits that mentioning just one would be unfair. Who can forget the lavish brown and cream polka dot dress Vivian (Julia Roberts) wore to Polo, the thigh high PVC boots with miniskirt and red blazer in her working days, or that stunning red opera dress that rendered fashion fans everywhere speechless? The ensembles in this film were hailed by critics everywhere and it was that movie that put legendary costume designer Marilyn Vance on the map.

Mia Farrow – The Great Gatsby (1974)
The fashion of the roaring 20s was revived following the rise to prominence of the 1974 adaptation of The Great Gatsby. The 2013 version is just as important and noteworthy for its clothing though the flapper girl styling of Mia Farrow earned the film an Oscar for best costume design. The loose fitting garments suited Mia Farrow perfectly as the actress was pregnant at the time of filming.

Elizabeth Taylor – Cleopatra (1963)
The fascinating wardrobe from the film Cleopatra has not just inspired clothing trends but the grandeur of accessories too. The influence of this film can be seen even through to today’s fashion traits. Alexander McQueen’s 2007 Autumn/Winter collection is a high profile example of this film’s reach into modern fashion. The cost of Taylor’s outfits in this film totalled $194,800 making it the highest budget for a single screen actor/actress’ clothing. After all, a 24-carat gold cloth dress cannot come cheap.

Judy Garland – The Wizard of Oz (1939)
“There’s no place like home!” Why would you ever want to go home if you were sporting those dazzling ruby slippers that would take the world by storm? The shoes became a part of fashion royalty in 1939 and are among some of the most treasured movie memorabilia of all time. Don’t tap them together, you’ll make them dirty!

Audrey Hepburn – Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)
A chill now goes down the neck of fashion lovers everywhere at the mere mention of Audrey Hepburn. Her fashion exploits wowed the world and there are many claims to this list but Breakfast at Tiffany’s simply cannot be overlooked. Teaming up with Hubert de Givenchy, sporting a set of Tiffany pearls, long white gloves and sheath black dress, this is truly a hall of fame moment. Possibly the most famous ‘little black dress’ of all time, many have cited this as the most iconic item of clothing of The Twentieth Century. We could write an essay on this dress (we really could) but we shall spare you the tedious prose and let the outfit do the talking.

Honourable Mentions
There were so many worthy entries which had to be missed out, so here’s a few honourable mentions:

James Bond

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Godfather

Back to the Future

Reservoir Dogs

Roman Holiday


Pretty in Pink

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Summer Style Guide

Now that the summer heat wave has finally arrived, comfort has become the priority when choosing clothes. Although now you’re wearing clothes that will keep you comfortable and cool, it doesn’t mean that you have to skimp on style. Here’s our pick of outfits that will keep you looking good when the temperatures soar this season.


The t-shirt is the most important part of a summer look, it is the make or break moment. The trick is to think about the outfit in its entirety when picking which top to wear. Here are some of our favourite t-shirts (from left to right):  Versace Collection Black Spray Paint T-Shirt (81754), Billionaire Boys Club White Galaxy T-shirt (83694), Orlebar Brown Blue Tommy Palm Tree T-Shirt (89036), PS by Paul Smith Ink Crew Neck Floral T-Shirt (86136), DSquared2 White 1964 T-Shirt (81271), True Religion Black TR71 T-Shirt (88978).

What other excuse do you need to get your legs out this summer than these amazing shorts? When picking the right pair of shorts remember to consider whether you will be using them to swim in or whether they are simply part of your casual outfit. With brands like Orlebar Brown and Vilebrequin, swim shorts are no longer an embarrassment to your outfit but a stylish alternative to their regular counterpart. We have handpicked the selection below to complement our t-shirt choices (from left to right): Armani Jeans Indigo Denim Shorts (80447), True Religion Green Camo Shorts (81905), Orlebar Brown White Dane Swim Shorts (81581), Vilebrequin White Baie Shorts (82484), Edwin Black Chino Shorts (88877), True Religion Grey Sweat Shorts (88986).

Choosing the right footwear for the summer is a difficult task. There are many different styles to consider and various degrees of practicalities which need to be taken into account. Sandals and flip-flops are the obvious choice and they are perfect for keeping your feet cool though if you’re going to do anything more than spend the day lazing around the garden, pool or beach a more sturdy option could be considered. Espadrilles like those designed by TOMS are a perfect addition to your outfit, though a pair of Converse or Adidas Stan Smiths will never go amiss in the sun. Here are our favourites (from left to right): Converse Chuck Taylor White All Star Low Ox Trainers (84149), Adidas White Stan Smith Trainers (83493), Orlebar Brown Black Flip-Flops (89050), TOMS Black Classic Shoes (81912), Adidas Yellow Gazelle OG Trainers (83476), Adidas Black ZX Flux Trainers (83455).

Complete your look this summer in style with our exquisite range of accessories. Whether it’s a Billionaire Boys Club cap or a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses, we have exactly what you need this season. Don’t forget our range of luxurious beach towels if you’re visiting the beach or pool! Below is our pick of the best (from left to right): Super by Retro Super Future Black Flat Top Sunglasses (85460), Billionaire Boys Club Red Logo Starter Cap (83006), Paul Smith signature Stripe Large Beach Towel (82517), Ray -Ban Matte Brown 0RB2140 Wayfarer Sunglasses (85628), Ray-Ban Matte Blue 0RB2132 Wayfarer Sunglasses (85622), Armani Jeans Black Logo Cap (80036).


Summer without a trip to the beach just isn’t a summer well spent. Getting the right beach look is of the utmost importance… obviously! Take to the sand and look incredible with our range of beach wear (from left to right): Heidi Klein White Rope Back Dress (71834), Moschino Swim Multi Stripe Logo Dress (71621), Moschino Black Logo Bikini (71612), Heidi Klein Navy Triangle Bikini with Heidi Klein Navy Tie Side Bikini Bottoms (71562 and 71563), Ralph Lauren Black Tank Dress above Moschino Black Bandeau Bikini (70313 and 71616), Patrizia Pepe Black Tri-Colour Bikini with Patrizia Pepe Black Bikini Bottoms (70915 and 70919).

Evening Wear
Picking the right evening wear in the summer is a difficult process to go through. Your choice must keep you cool when the nights heat up yet also maintain your reputation for always being the best dressed among your friends. Luckily we’re here to help you with our suggestions (from left to right): Helmut Lang Black V-Neck Dress (71394), Joseph White Blouse with Michael Kors Grey Leather Pants (71441 and 71856), Diane Von Furstenberg Ivory Vest Top (71319), Diane Von Furstenberg White Monica Dress (72320), Velvet Pink Ruched Cahill Dress (70792), LNA White and Grey Vest Dress (72036), Moschino Black Logo Shoulder Dress (71613).

You can’t go wrong with our selection of tops this season. When the temperature rises, you will be grateful for the Wildfox crop top or Moschino vest. Here are some tops which are just too good not to share with you (from left to right): Moschino Multicoloured Logo Vest (71622), David Lerner White Lace Tank Top (70729), Rabens Saloner Multicoloured Petal Top (71760), Religion Green Prey T-Shirt (71795), Wildfox Coral Shooting Star Crop Top (72018), Adidas Black Printed Crop Top (70625), Ronny Kobo Aqua Ada Crop Top with Rony Kobo Aqua Lilo Skirt (71673 and 71672), David Lerner Navy Lace Crop Top (70717), Wildfox Cream Sleeveless Crop Top (72016).

What’s better than wearing a dress in the sun? With our collection of exquisite dresses we have just the answer for when the sun comes out. Check out our favourites (from left to right): Adidas Multicoloured Feather Dress (70613), Joseph Black Tie Dress (71577), Rails Pink Shirt Dress (72535), LNA Tan Stripe Dress (71584), Religion Black Conifer Dress (70338), Armani Jeans Blue Print Dress (70419), Missoni Yellow Stripe Knitted Dress (70786).

The right bottoms are imperative to looking good! Whether they are shorts, a skirt or trousers, if they look good and keep you cool then you’re on to a winner! Here are our favourites (from left to right): Religion Black Floral Fear Leggings (70407), David Lerner White Lace Shorts (70726), Raben Saloner Multicoloured Petal Shorts (71761), Velvet Black Loose Pants (71773), Patrizia Pepe Orange Printed Pants (70887), Adidas Black Bird Print Shorts (70628), David Lerner Ink Lace Shorts (70720), DSquared2 Denim Cool Girl Jean Shorts (70762), Wildfox Cream Sun Shorts (72017).

When it comes to summer footwear the real question is sandals or trainers? Sandals will obviously keep your feet cool but sometimes when you’re rocking a casual or relaxed look, you can’t beat a pair of Adidas ZX Flux or Superstars. These are our favourites (from left to right): See by Chloe White Slide Pool Shoe (70521), Adidas Originals Black Floral Print ZX Flux Trainer (70658), See by Chloe Beige Flat Cross Sandals (70534), Adidas White Superstar Trainer (70651), Michael Kors Pink Plate Thong Sandal (71739), Converse White All Star Ox Trainer (70606), Moncler Burgundy Henriette Espadrille (70568), Michael Kors Black Olivia Lace Up Trainer (71714).

A summer look wouldn’t be complete without the right accessories. Whether it’s an Elizabeth and James Cynnie Bag or pair of Wildfox sunglasses, we’ve got you covered! Don’t forget to pack one of our stunning beach towels if you’re heading to the coast. These are just some of our favourites (from left to right): Elizabeth and James Cream Cynnie Bag (71040), Wildfox Gold Fleur Sunglasses (71722), Moschino Multi Logo Towel (71623), Wildfox Black Parker Deluxe Sunglasses (71724), Patrizia Pepe Orange Print Scarf (70903), Wildfox Brown Parker Deluxe Sunglasses (71719), Michael Kors Orange Selma Bag (71486).

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