Nudie Jeans: Inspiring Change

The social responsibility of fashion companies who manufacture overseas is often a topic for debate and one which is regularly found dominating the headlines. Many of you will recall the 2013 Rana Plaza garment factory collapse in Bangladesh where over 1,000 lives were lost unnecessarily through the poor maintenance of a building. This is sadly not an isolated event, the working conditions and wages paid to those in garment factories across the world can be below the standards that we have become accustomed to in the U.K. Thankfully this sad truth is slowly becoming a more pressing issue that companies like Nudie Jeans are hoping to change.

Nudie Jeans endeavour to promote the production of denim in an environmentally and socially responsible way; from cotton seeds to recycled jeans. The company carry out social audits of all suppliers in all countries to ensure Fair Wear Foundation requirements are followed. In countries that are considered to be high risk the company ensure that extra monitoring takes place and that when needed extra resources are available to improve the conditions of the factories.

Nudie Jeans not only boasts about their support for these causes but promotes a transparent approach to their production processes and any documentation of their audits can be easily found and downloaded from their website.

In many of the high risk countries where garments are manufactured there is a vast difference between minimum wage and the living wage. Nudie Jeans states that ‘everyone who participates in the manufacturing of our clothes should have a wage enough to live on’. This is unfortunately not an issue that can be changed by only one company. Even Nudie Jeans’ own share of production in factories is limited so this level of change requires numerous companies to take responsibility and pay the suppliers their fair share of the living wage for workers. Nudie Jeans pride themselves on paying their fare share of a living wage for workers but say that for such initiatives to fully work ‘it requires genuine and long term commitment’ from all parties.

Nudie Jeans sign off their discussion surrounding social responsibility with the statement; ‘we hope to inspire other brands to follow this initiative.’ This is a pressing issue that companies within the fashion industry must address, for too long companies have turned a blind eye to their responsibilities and focussed on profits. Sometimes the greatest profit that such influential companies can have is the knowledge that the work they undertake improves lives as well as your style.

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Floral Design Day

Today is Floral Design Day, an event dedicated to appreciating floral design as a unique and creative art form.

Floral Design Day: How It Began

Floral Design Day is an American celebration created to celebrate the birthday of Carl Rittner, founder of the Rittner School of Floral Design in Boston, since 1995. Since then, the day provides an excuse to celebrate flowers in whatever creative way you wish. This could be drawing pictures of floral designs, creating floral arrangements, or perhaps even creating some floral themed fashion.

Floral Design Day ties in perfectly with this season’s on-trend floral print, evident in both men’s and women’s collections from a host of renowned designers such as Paul Smith, Franklin & Marshall, Polo Ralph Lauren, Patrizia Pepe and Diane Von Furstenberg.

Take a look at some of our favourite floral prints this season from a host of our designers.



Ps by Paul Smith Navy Floral Shorts, Zeecode 85915.

Polo Ralph Lauren Blue Floral Swimshorts, Zeecode 80089.

Franklin & Marshall White Floral Logo T-Shirt, Zeecode 83784.

Joseph White Patterned T-Shirt, Zeecode 85521.

Y-3 Aqua Honja Print Trainer, Zeecode 83242.

Vilebrequin Navy Starfish Swimshort, Zeecode 82417.




Diane Von Furstenberg Cheetah Print Bubsy Scarf, Zeecode 70825.

Patrizia Pepe Black Print Bag, Zeecode 70778.

Patrizia Pepe Navy Jumpsuit, Zeecode 71534.

Diane Von Furstenberg Multi Print Scarf, Zeecode 71383.

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The History Behind the Vivienne Westwood Orb Logo

For the past 28 years, Vivienne Westwood can be identified by its iconic Orb and ring motif. Whilst hardcore fans may know the story behind its conception, for the rest of us, how did Westwood decide to pick this now familiar and well-loved logo for her brand?

It began in 1985…

Back in 1985 and 1986, Vivienne spent time in Italy, where she was working on a collection with the theme of royalty, with a futuristic touch. During this time, she played with multiple designs, including the garment that started it all, the ‘Deep Sky Jumper’, that she imagined Prince Charles donning in his spare time. The jumper included various nods to his heritage, including a thistle motif for Scotland, and the crown and orb, from the Royal Crown Jewels.

However, at the time, Vivienne’s own son had shown her some of his space magazines, and she became interested in the idea of combining the two interests into one. This is where the Crown, Orb and satellite ring logo came about. From here on in, one of Westwood’s ideas was to “take tradition into the future’, something that has been with her in each collection since the logo was created. You will probably notice that her Orb motif has appeared in all collections ever since.

Vivienne Westwood’s Orb Logo in Action

As previously mentioned, Westwood’s Orb logo adorns most garments in her collections, and this season, it is back once again.

Here’s some of this season’s clothing, complete with the familiar logo.

Browse the full Vivienne Westwood collection in any of our five stores, or on our website

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