Style Focus: Capsule Collections

Capsule collections are spin-offs from a designers main brand. We stock quite a few here at Zee & Co, and here are just some of our favourites!

Hugo Boss Green

Running since 2003, Hugo Boss Green is Hugo Boss’ premium sportswear range. The collection fuses fashion and lifestyle to create items for those with a love of casual clothing with a sporty flair. Currently, the collection offers a range of smart and stylish footwear that not only embraces a casual look, but can also effortlessly finish off a smart-casual outfit too.

Love Moschino

Love Moschino is Moschino’s fun, vibrant and casual younger sibling. Established in 1986, the Love Moschino collection incorporates a range of fun graphic prints, charm embellishments, bold and bright colouring that adorns bags, t-shirts, jeans, footwear and accessories.

Barbour Steve McQueen & Barbour International

After getting permission from the late Steve McQueen’s estate to use his likeness, Barbour created their Steve McQueen range. Celebrating the actors love of motorcycles and Barbour International jackets, Barbour Steve McQueen incorporates motorcycle themed tops, jackets, distressed denim and desert colours. Barbour International also provides a variety of motorcycle inspired jackets and t-shirts.

Paul Smith Jeans

A stylish casual range, Paul Smith Jeans encompasses graphic print t-shirts, comfortable and vibrant polo shirts, jeans, shoes and accessories. The brand is known for the use of the Paul Smith signature striped zebra motif, most notably found on the chest of the polo shirt collection.

Versus Versace

Branching off of the main Versace range, Versus has become known as Versace’s second main line. Unconventional, with plenty of stylish flair, Versus Versace includes a range of striking t-shirts, shirts, jackets and bottoms that can take you from a casual look to a funky evening style.

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Fast Food Fashion – Happy National Burger Day

Burger bars are having a bit of revival, with gourmet burger joints popping up across the capital and beyond.

To mark national burger day we take a look at some of our favourites:

Patty and Bun

With two locations across London, including one located conveniently near Liverpool street station, Patty and Bun are relative newcomers on the capital’s burger scene. Despite this they are already developing a cult following, with their aim of delivering a unique and truly memorable burger experience.

Signature Burger: The ‘Smokey Robinson’ this aptly named burger features caramelised onions and smoky mayonnaise on top of their classic beef burger patty.

Hache Burger

A Camden favourite, this burger bar in Camden’s famous Inverness Street has had an ‘in the know’ following of regulars for sometime. Recently opening branches in Chelsea, and Shoreditch, it’s still the Camden branch that provides the original fairy-lit Hache Experience.

Signature Burger: The Steak Louisiana, a grilled 100% steak burger topped with American crunchy peanut butted and mature cheddar cheese, a burger Elvis himself would be proud of.

Ed’s Easy Diner

Eds has expanded in recent years, with a franchises popping up throughout London and Essex but for the classic 50s diner feel, head to their Soho branch, get there early and sit at the counter. As well as burgers you can indulge yourself in cheese fries and Oreo milkshakes.

Signature burger: ‘The original’, A classic American burger, bun, cheese, lettuce, tomato. Onion, dill pickle, mayo, mustard. What more do you need?

The Advisory

This Hackney favourite, named after the women’s advice centre that once stood on the same spot in fashionable Mare Street is growing in popularity with locals, named as one of Time Out’s best burger spot in the city, the word is out.

Signature Burger: The Breakfast burger – basically a whole fry up somehow squashed into a brioche bun, that’s all you need to know.

Almost Famous

It’s not just the Capital that has burgers by the bun load, Liverpool and now Manchester are getting in on the scene with the reassuringly popular almost famous burger bars. They also do a mean line in cocktails.

Signature burger: The River Phoenix, a suitably hedonistic burger choice for pleasure seekers. A double cheeseburger loaded with bacon, BBQ fried onions, chipotle ketchup and baconaise.

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Orgies, Elephants and the Virgin Queen – Vivienne Westwood T-shirts


Looking for a stand out t-shirt? Then look no further that this years AW14 collection from the undisputed Queen of British fashion. Her design’s, firmly rooted in the 70s punk scene, might not always be for the faint of heart but they will get you noticed. Forget the statement tees, a Vivienne Westwood T-shirt IS a statement.

Have an Orgy

Available in white or black, this t-shirt will strike a chord with fans of Westwood’s controversial earlier designs with its raunchy gold orgy print. Subtle enough to not offend, but subversive enough to get you noticed.

Never Forget

This cream t-shirt features a detailed black and white graphic print of an elephant parent and baby combo, the eye-catching print, that wraps around the torso, will make an impact. Dress down with jeans or up with a suit jacket. This is a versatile design.

All Hail The Queen

One flame-haired female icon to another, this striking top features an iconic Tudor portrait of the virgin Queen, Liz I with iconic punk rock safety pin detail. Never was an image so ripe for being subverted by Queen Viv. Slim fitting and in a stately burgundy hue.

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