Store Spotlight: Maidstone

This weekend I ventured to our Maidstone store to get to know the guys there a little better. I asked them a few questions to find out a bit more about the guys and girls who you will find working there on an average Saturday afternoon.

The staff in our Maidstone store (from left to right): Liam, Jace, David and Roisin

Liam is a Sales Assistant and Model who has been working for Zee & Co for the past two years.

Liam from the Maidstone store

Best thing about working for Zee & Co: The daily interaction with people, both customers and colleagues. I also love getting to know the fashion industry and remaining relevant.
Interesting fact about yourself: I’m Liam! What else can I say? I’ve had a varied career history, I used to be a fake tan model, now I’m a clothing model, I’ve also worked in some other interesting sectors but that’s a story for another day.
Most interesting person served: I’ve served some interesting people in my time here. I’ve served a notorious football hooligan before as well as a guy who works for McLaren but the most impressive by far is an ex professional boxer who has fought Mike Tyson.
Favourite designer: For jeans I would say Dsquared2, I also love Vivienne Westwood t-shirts and I like J.Lindeberg.
Favourite item in-store today: I’ve had my eye on these Replay jeans since they came in to our store.
Favourite music: I’m passionate about music, especially old school Hip-Hop, I love the root of Hip-Hop too so I’m really into Jazz and Funk. I love Nas, James Brown and Miles Davis.
Favourite food: I love pasta!
Favourite drink: When I’m chilled I like water, sometimes Lucozade but when I’m going out I will drink JD Honey straight.
Ideal night out: Probably a night out with my girlfriend or friends, anything relaxed where we can have a laugh and listen to good music.
Love: Happy energy, I love to feed off the positivity of others.
Hate: Ignorance.
Trainers or shoes? Trainers.
Jeans; skinny or baggy? Skinny.
T-Shirt or shirt? T-shirt.
Hoody or jumper? I would say a trackie top, like a retro Adidas, it’s something that is iconic and always stays relevant.
Casual or formal? Either, as long as it is appropriate.
Jeans or trackies? Jeans.


David is the Assistant Manager at the Maidstone store and has been working for Zee & Co since 1997.

Armani Jeans Black Zip Hoody

Best thing about working for Zee & Co: The customers.
Interesting fact about yourself: I like being understated, I can also play the guitar and sing.
Most interesting customer served: A few weeks ago I served a man who was an Afghan soldier fighting to protect his village in the Afghanistan war.
Favourite designer: Vivienne Westwood.
Favourite item we sell: I really like this Armani Jeans hoody.
Favourite music: I love Indie and Punk.
Favourite food: Chilli con carne.
Favourite drink: Malibu and pineapple.
Ideal night out: Seeing a live comedian or band.
Love: My children and girlfriend.
Hate: Bullies.
Trainers or shoes? Boots.
Jeans; skinny or baggy? Skinny.
T-shirt or shirt? T-shirt.
Hoody or jumper? Hoody.
Casual or formal? Costume.
Jeans or trackies? Jeans.


Jace is a Sales Assistant who has been working for Zee & Co since October 2014.

Diane Von Furstenberg Gracie Wrap Dress

Best thing about working for Zee & Co: The people.
Interesting fact about yourself: I am currently studying towards being a Sports Therapist.
Most interesting customer you have ever served: I’ve served a porn star before.
Favourite designer: Polo Ralph Lauren.
Favourite item in-store today: This dress from Diane Von Furstenberg.
Favourite music: Eminem.
Favourite food: McDonald’s.
Favourite drink: Water.
Ideal night out: Source club in Maidstone.
Love: Summer.
Hate: Winter.
Trainers or shoes? Trainers.
Jeans; skinny or baggy? Skinny.
T-Shirt or Shirt? T-Shirt.
Hoody or jumper? Hoody.
Casual or Formal? Casual.
Jeans or Trackies? Jeans.


Roisin is also a Sales Assistant who has been working for Zee & Co since August 2014.

Ugg Australia Navy Classic Mini Boots

Best thing about working for Zee & Co: The people I work with and the clothes.
Interesting fact about yourself: I want to work in mental health rehabilitation; I’m currently studying psychology at A-level and want to study it at university too.
Most interesting person served? One of our regular customers works for Apple, I can’t say I know his exact position but I know that he is very high up; he’s a very important person within the company.
Favourite designer: Vivienne Westwood.
Favourite item in-store today: I love the Ugg Australia classics in navy.
Favourite music: Either Tupac or Azealia Banks.
Favourite food: Mexican.
Favourite drink: Red bull and vodka.
Ideal night out: Clubbing with friends.
Love: Money.
Hate: Spiders.
Trainers or shoes? Shoes.
Jeans; skinny or baggy? Skinny.
T-Shirt or shirt? T-shirt.
Hoody or jumper? Hoody.
Casual or formal? Casual.
Jeans or trackies? Jeans.

So now you know a bit more about the guys who work in our Maidstone store, don’t be afraid to pop in and say hello!

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Saint Patrick’s Day 2015

What is Saint Patrick’s Day?

Saint Patrick’s Day celebrates the patron saint of Ireland. A public holiday in Ireland, Saint Patricks Day celebrations usually involve public parades and festivals, whilst Christians may also attend church services in the saints honour.

History of Saint Patrick

Born in Kilpatrick, near Dumbarton in Scotland in the year 387 to Roman parents, he died at Saul, Downpatrick, Ireland on the 17th March, 461. At the estimated age of fourteen, Patrick was captured during a raiding party and taken to Ireland as a slave to herd and tend sheep. At the time, Ireland was a land of Druids and Pagans, and this is where the learned the language and the practices of the people who held him. He remained captive until he was twenty, when he escaped and returned to his family.

After having a few dreams and visions of helping the people of Ireland, Patrick began studies of his priesthood, later becoming ordained as a bishop and sent to take the Gospel to Ireland. He arrived in Ireland on the 25th March 433, where he performed miracles, and spread the message of God until his death in Saul, where he orinally built his first church.

Admittedly, not everyone celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day nowadays will be celebrating the religious connotations, but to the Christian community, his history still plays an important part in the day’s events.

Saint Patrick’s Day Facts

  • Often associated with alcohol consumption, due to Lent restrictions on eating and drinking alcohol being lifted for the day.
  • It is customary to wear Shamrocks for the day. Saint Patrick was said to have used the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity to the Pagan Irish.
  • The colour of choice for the celebration is green.
  • Corned beef and cabbage is the traditional dish served on Saint Patrick’s Day.
  • Irish coffees and pints of Guinness are just two of the drinks of choice for the occasion.

Go Green!

Plenty of people celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day will adorn some green clothing, face paint and accessories. Here’s some of our favourite green clothing on our website and in store!

Happy Saint Patricks Day from Zee & Co!

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The Evolution of Converse; From Sport to Stars

It is no secret that the Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars are one of the most iconic styles of sneakers in the world. With a design that has altered only slightly over the last 100 years, this trainer has clearly lasted the test of time and looks to remain popular long into the future. It has not always been this way, the history of Converse and their rise to popularity is not necessarily one that was anticipated.

In 1917 the Converse Rubber Shoe Company, based in Massachusetts, created the All Star trainer. Designed with a rubber sole and a canvas upper, the All Star was intended to be worn on the courts by basketball stars. By 1921 Chuck Taylor reinvented and promoted the line within the sport and Converse’s presence within basketball rocketed.  All Stars expanded their reach from just basketball to the majority of sports and by World War Two it was the shoe of choice for the American military in training.

Converse was still not the cultural icon that they are today. Some have even said that Converse All Stars was the shoe of choice for the unpopular children at school and were at times looked down upon. This all changed when popular and famous figures started appearing in public wearing them. Converse became the shoe for the authentic, the non-conformists, the originals. Starting with figures such as James Dean to those like Kurt Cobain or the Ramones, Converse All Stars became more than just a sneaker, they became a statement.

From the solitary confines of basketball courts to the feet of legends, Converse represents more than just fashion, it represents generation after generation of individuals. The simple design, stooped in history, goes with any style, any subculture, any outfit. Every pair of Converse tells a story, they are made to be worn, made with a personality and made for you.

Check out our range of Converse here:

Image of Classic Converse Basketball Shoe

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