If you’re looking for a holiday that involves a bit of culture, as well as sunshine, then Morocco is definitely a destination to add to your bucket list.

As it can get absolutely scorching in July and August, May or June is the perfect time of year to travel to Morocco for warm days and slightly cooler evenings.

Why travel to Morocco?

From museums and historic landmarks, to beaches and mouth watering cuisine, Morocco has got all that you’d want from a holiday destination.


Visit Marrakech

The capital city is heaving with palaces, churches, mosques and museums, all offering a sneak peek into the history and customs of Morocco. It’s also really worth exploring the tangle of alleys in the souks to bag yourself a bargain, as bartering is virtually part of the Moroccan culture.

Though there are an increasing number of hotels cropping up in the city, there is no better way to get in touch with the Moroccan culture than to stay in a Riad – a traditional Moroccan town house. Expect traditional decor and sipping on tea in a central courtyard.


Eat Moroccan food

Moroccan cuisine is one of the most flavoursome in the world, jam-packed with herbs and spices, that can be smelt cooking from a mile off. Traditional dishes mainly consist of aromatic stews cooked in a tagine and served with a wide selection of vegetables and grains.

As Morocco has two coasts, seafood is also a common delicacy of the country. It is customary for all meals to be served with bread and mint tea.


Morocco beach holiday

Morocco has quite a varied coastline, with shores bordering on both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. If you’re looking for a relaxing beach visit, the North of the country boasts some beautifully calm sandy coves; however if on the other hand you’re looking for a little adventure, the more wave-battered West coast offers a great Wind Surfing scene.

The Sahara Desert


You can’t travel to Morocco without paying a visit to the Sahara desert to experience the breathtaking expanse of orange wind sculpted sand dunes.

There are a series of tours available, offering camel rides, quad bike excursions or even a night camping under the stars.

What to pack?

When packing for your trip it’s important that you keep the culture, as well as the climate in mind. Here are some of our suitcase essentials.

For the ladies…

A light-weight cover up

Morocco is a Muslim nation and it is important that you respect the country’s etiquette  and culture when visiting. This means covering up when you’re out in public, as women are expected to dress conservatively. You may feel grateful for an extra layer in the evenings, however, as though the country gets very hot during the day, the temperature drops significantly at night.

This lightweight open cardigan by Velvet is ideal for popping over your daytime and evening outfits.

Velvet Green Cardigan

A maxi dress

A maxi dress is the perfect option for creating an elegant holiday look, without showing too much skin. They’re also ideal for dressing up in the evenings when testing out the local cuisine.

Bright colours are highly present in traditional Moroccan dress, so this stunning orange printed maxi by Heidi Klein is the perfect choice. Add a shawl of lightweight cardigan for coverage.

Heid Klein Orange Maxi Dress

A scarf

Not only can a scarf transform your outfit, but it is also ideal for covering up your shoulders or head when needed.  A light-weight cotton scarf like this Diane Van Furstenberg chain link design item is just the thing, as you won’t get too warm wearing it.

DVF scarf


For the men…



Ray Ban Black


Whether you’re planning on exploring or sitting back and enjoying the sunshine, a pair of sunglasses are a suitcase essential.

These classic black Ray-Ban Wayfarers are sure to go with everything in your suitcase.

Michael Kors chinos


Full length trousers

Though rules are less strict for men, if you’re planning on visiting any religious regions it’s best to err on the side of caution. They’ll also provide a bit more warmth in the cooler evenings.

These lightweight Michael Kors chinos are ideal in the warm climate.


Toms Navy

Closed shoes

The streets are pretty dirty and you’re likely to be doing a lot of walking while in Morocco, so it’s a good idea to pack a pair of closed shoes that you’re comfortable in.

A pair of TOMS will do the trick, keeping your feet cool and comfortable.