Sadly the summer is coming to an end, but it’s not all bad news, as the Autumn months have a whole lot more to offer than just crunchy leaves, comfort food and fantastic knitwear.

Yep, you’ve got it, it’s TV season!

The weather change is a fantastic excuse for curling up on the sofa in front of the telly, so what better time is there to get stuck into a new series?

Of course, September boasts the return of the X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing, which is bound to keep you occupied on those Saturday evenings when the warmth of your home is so much more appealing than venturing out into town. If reality TV doesn’t float your boat, however, there are plenty of addictive TV shows to sink your teeth into, from gripping thrillers and mind boggling dramas, to comedies that’ll have you laughing until your belly hurts.

If you’re after a little television inspiration this season, here’s our round up of what’s on the box.

The guilty pleasures…

Whether you admit it or not, cheesy Saturday night TV is a staple part of lots of peoples’ winter weekend routine. Whether you’re an invested fan or just watch the shows for a bit of a laugh, they definitely have you covered with some lighthearted entertainment in the build up to Christmas.

The X Factor

Yep, the X Factor is back and this year it would appear that the show has gone through a time tunnel, as not only have they revived the original audition room set up, but some of the show’s former judges have also made a come back, much to fans glee or dismay!

After 7 years away from the panel, feisty Sharon Osbourne has returned to the lineup, joined by Louis Walsh who was dropped from the panel last year, the ‘schermazing’ Nicole Scherzinger and of course Simon Cowell in all his white t-shirt wearing glory.

Whether you watch it to spot the next big talent, or to have a giggle at the crazy auditions, it’s bound to be an explosive series!

Saturdays & Sundays, ITV 

Strictly Come Dancing

Pirouetting back onto our screens this season, Strictly Come Dancing brings us 15 more stars vying to impress the judges. The lineup of celebrities turn ballroom dancers(ish) includes the likes of pop stars Will Young and Anastasia, model Daisy Lowe, politician Ed Balls (God save us) and track and field athlete Greg Rutherford, to name a few.

So, who do you have your  money on?

Saturdays, BBC

Edge of your seat stuff…

With so many great psychological dramas coming out in the coming months, it was hard to narrow this category down to just two, so we’ve treated you to three! For gripping thrillers that will make you want to hide behind your sofa, be sure to catch…

The Night of

If you caught BBC’s Criminal Justice back in 2008, you’ll definitely want to add this to your watch list. Entitled the Night Of, the American remake tells the story of a young man who is accused of murder after he meets a young woman in New York and they go on a drink and drug-fuelled night out together. With a foggy memory of the night’s events, he doesn’t actually know if he is guilty of the crime or not, so we’ll leave you to make up your mind!

September, Sky Atlantic

The Fall

Back for its third series, the Fall follows the tense cat and mouse chase between sociopathic serial killer, Paul Spector (played by heartthrob Jamie Dornan) and Detective Stella Gibson (played by X-Files star Gillian Anderson). Rumour has it that Spector will finally face his comeuppance in an explosive conclusion to the series.

Series 3 begins, BBC Two

The Walking Dead

Season 6 left us with the cliffhanger of all cliffhangers, sending the internet into an absolute meltdown about which of the main characters they did away with in the season finale. Finally after what’s felt like the longest summer ever, the Walking Dead will return to our screens with all the answers we seek through parted fingers. If you think the show is all zombies and gore, you’d only be half right, as the tale of survival and human relationships is what has it going so strong six seasons in.

Series 7 begins October, FOX UK

A trip back in time…

Us Brits just just love a period drama, don’t we? Well there’s certainly plenty to choose from this year if it’s your genre of choice. Here are a couple of our top recommendations over the coming months…


Filling the void that Downton Abbey left in its wake, the much awaited period drama narrating the life of Queen Victoria has arrived on ITV this month.

Combining beautiful period costumes with high drama, the story follows the life of Queen Victoria, from her coronation at the age of just 18, tracing her life as the head of the British Monarchy.

September, ITV

Peaky Blinders

This Birmingham based gangster drama adds a modern edge to the traditional period drama as we know it. Set in 1919, the show depicts the climactic life of the Peaky Blinders, a gang of brothers suitably named for their characteristic flat cap with razor blades sewn into the brim, a weapon devised to viciously gouge the eyes of opponents in gang brawls. Not for the lighthearted, the violent story follows soldier cross kingpin Thomas Shelby dodge the efforts of Inspector Neill out to dismantle his organization.

Series 4 begins 5th September, BBC 2


The powerful dramas…

With hard hitting plot lines, these dramas will mess with your head a little. All the less, they’re fantastic viewing and will have you hooked from the start.

National Treasure

Seeking inspiration from the widely reported Operation Yewtree investigation, National Treasure depicts the story of a fictional celebrity and “national treasure” who is accused of historical sex abuse. Robbie Coltrane takes the lead as Paul Finchley, alongside Julie Walters who plays his wife of 40 years Maria, who once may have turned a blind eye to his affairs, but now wonders whether she is right to believe his innocence.

September, Channel 4

The Missing

The first series followed every parent’s nightmare, the abduction of their twelve year old son. This season it’s back, now investigating the discovery in Germany of a young woman with the same name as an English girl who vanished 11 years previously.

Series 2 TBC, BBC 1


Ones that will have your crying with laughter…

As the weather starts to get a bit drab, be sure to brighten up your day with a bit of comedy. This season we’ve got remakes of old classics, as well as brand new shows that will have you laughing until your belly hurts.

Cold Feet

Having been described as the “British Friends”, Cold Feet was a firm favourite throughout the 90s and is now set for a revival 13 years after the last series aired. Reuniting us with Pete, Jenny, Adam, Karen and David, the show picks up on the lives of each character as they push on 50. Tune in to find out if they’re still up to their usual hilarious antics, of their former 30-something selves.

September, ITV

Chewing Gum

Composed by and featuring Michaela Coel, Chewing Gum is a quirky BAFTA awarded British comedy offering an account of 24 year old Tracey’s life and all the eccentricities that come with it. Brought up in a religious family, Tracey is desperate to discover what adulthood is all about, starting out with losing her virginity. Expect filthy humour and an abundance of “did they really just say that” moments!

Series 2 begins October, E4


Series to binge on…

We’re a generation of box-set addicts and if streaming back to back episodes of your favourite series of the moment is your idea of the perfect Sunday, here are a few of our top recommendations to watch this season.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things is one of the most talked about shows of the year and is sure to mess with your head a little. Set in the 1980s, the paranormal drama explores the mysterious disappearance of a young boy and the bizarre happenings following the event. Keep an eye out for the chain of references to classic films including E.T., Carrie, Stand by Me and a Nightmare on Elm Street, which add a special touch to the program!



Amanda Knox

For those of you who enjoyed Making a Murderer, this documentary series based on the high profile acquittal of American student Amanda Knox may be of interest to you. The Netflix original series follows the alleged false imprisonment of Amanda Knox and her boyfriend Raffaele Sollecit, who were jailed for the murder of Knox’s housemate Meredith Kurcher back in 2009. During the documentary, Knox speaks honestly and bluntly about her experience with the media and the scrutinising trial ahead of her 4 year imprisonment.

September, Netflix