Unless you’ve been living under the rock for the past few months, you may have noticed the rise in people talking about the benefits of a plant based diet. From celebrities to bloggers, anyone and everyone seems to have got the memo about leaving meat out of your daily food choices.  Vegans, vegetarians and even now reducetarians are promoting a lifestyle that doesn’t rely so much on the meaty bits, which can greatly benefit your health and the environment for the long term. With an increased demand for veggie food, restaurants have really upped their game, and just by walking around you will see more and more places catering for specific dietary requirements. If you’re wanting to explore the world of vegetarian food, check out our top five picks for the best eats in London (you never know, you might be pleasantly surprised!)


Mildreds is often hailed as one of the best vegetarian restaurants in London due to its hearty foods, friendly vibes and great prices. Opened in Soho in the late 80’s, they still operate out of the former ‘private’ club where they initially took up lease. Mildreds’ popularity grew and grew, and due to their no-book table system, the restaurant’s bar is often thriving with people indulging in organic wines and champagne whilst they wait to be seated. Now with new additions to the Mildreds family open in Kings Cross and Camden, wherever you are in London, there’s a place not too far away for you to get your veggie fix.

What The Pitta!

What The Pitta’s USP falls in the realms of appealing to those junk food vegans that are constantly on the look out for delicious, greasy food that’ll sort out any damage done from the night before. Specialising in a vegan alternative to doner meat, WTP has become a hit with both omnivores and carnivores alike. Their ‘doner’ meat isn’t the only thing on offer though, at their Croydon and Shoreditch branches expect Turkish Pizzas, crispy fries and vegan Baklava.

The Gate

If you’re looking for an upmarket meal, The Gate is definitely the place to go. As one of London’s most successful vegetarian establishments, the restaurant certainly boasts an impressive menu that would even appeal to the most seasoned of meat eaters. By combining the Indian, Arabic and Jewish influences of their childhood, owners Adrian and Michael Daniel have managed to create some of the best tasting food in London. It’s definitely worth a trying one of their three restaurants if you’re heading out in London.

Temple of Hackney

If you look up the definition of ‘game-changing’, this should definitely be listed as an example. By venturing into the world of fast food, Temple of Hackney have created a southern fried seitan that’s gone viral among all food enthusiasts across the UK and beyond. As the focus of countless positive reviews, this has seen queues out of the door on a regular basis since its progression from a food stall to a well renowned take out with its very own shop in you guessed it… Hackney!


This one’s for London’s health enthusiasts. Based in the heart of central London on Oxford Street, Vitao’s offerings span from fresh milkshakes and raw cakes to a mouth watering buffet-style selection of savory foods including salads, stews and curries. Perfect for breaking up your tiresome shopping trip, this restaurant’s interior offers you a safe haven from the thousands of people scouring the famous high street.