Now you know what to get your S.O thanks to our handy Valentines Day gift guide, as well as what to wear, you may be stuck for ideas for what to actually do on Valentines Day. Whether you’re an old romantic at heart, or a young hedonist always looking for fun things to do, it’s a great excuse to spend some quality time with your loved one. If you’re wanting to think outside of the box for fun and quirky ways to declare your love, our guide will help you plan the perfect romantic night out (or in), no matter your budget.

Go Dancing

Dancing is always a fail safe way to impress your partner, and we don’t mean busting your regular clubbing moves. From salsa to ballroom, it’s a great chance to get up close and personal, whilst releasing a few endorphins. So dress up and hit a dance class, and you’re bound to have a great night out. You may even learn something new too.


Sometimes low-key dates are the best ones, so get the best seat in the house this Valentines Day with a night of stargazing. Get that fire started and cosy up close in a warm blanket, for an unbeatable romantic experience. If you’re planning on going all out for it, set up some camping gear, and you’ll be able to spend the whole night together under the stars.

Comedy Night

Laughter is in the air this Valentines Day with a laid back date to your local comedy club. Great for an alternative date experience, an evening of stand up comedy will keep you laughing all night long (even if the comedian isn’t so great). So grab a pitcher of beer and sit up front (if you’re game for a bit of heckling) for a night full of fun.

Ice Skating

Make the most of the cold weather before the summer starts to set in and go ice skating. You may not be able to dress up in your glad rags, but putting on your bobble hat and hitting the ice is a great laid back way to have some serious fun. Hand holding and hot chocolates will definitely put you in a romantic mood.


Karaoke is a great ice breaker if you’re in the early days of dating, or just a good laugh for any well seasoned couple. If it usually takes a few drinks to get on stage, this is the time sing your heart out and let all inhibitions loose in a local karaoke bar. After all, your favourite duets are better when sung together.

Dinner and Movie.. At Home

You can’t really beat a cosy night in with the special someone in your life. Mark Valentines Day by cooking a tasty meal and then snuggling up on the sofa to watch a great film (or not so great if guilty pleasures are your thing).  Sometimes the best nights are the ones where you stay at home in your PJs, so keep it understated and spend some quality time without the frills. Plus it’s perfect for those looking for a chilled night during a busy week, at the same time as avoiding the crowds of any booked out restaurant full of doe eyed lovebirds.