The Alternative Guide to an Italian Weekend

When it comes to Italy, you can’t help but fall in love. Whether it’s the fantastic food, the rich history or the picturesque views, there always seems to be something for everyone. While Rome and Venice seem to be the popular destinations for a romantic weekend getaway, there are more adventurous options for those who wish to see a different side to the country.  Whether you’re a lover of designer brands, fancy exploring an island or simply want to sample a taste of true Italian cuisine, here’s our guide to an alternative weekend getaway. Tip number one: wear comfortable shoes!

Where to stay

Rather than staying in the usual romantic spots, opt for something a little different. Sorrento, Naples and the Amalfi Coast are all perfect for an alternative romantic getaway.

In terms of getting there from the UK, it’s pretty easy as you can find a deal for cheap flights on most comparison websites. Most flights take just under three hours, so once you’ve packed your bags and arrived at the airport, you’ll be there in no time.


Being Italy’s third largest city, Naples is a place that’s rich with history. Here you will find a plethora of castles and churches, making it a great place to visit for a true taste of Italian culture. It’s also known for its delicious food, and is home to some of the best coffee, pizza and pasta in the world. Explore one of the city’s many Museums, such as the National Archaeological Museum, or if you’re fancying an eerie experience take a walk around the city’s oldest and most sacred Catacombe. Although on arrival, the look of colourful yet decaying graffiti covered buildings may take you aback, appearances can be deceiving, as Naples is full of elements of surprise, making it one of the country’s true secret gems.


Being one of the many underappreciated areas on the Italian coastline, Sorrento is a town of pure beauty. Take a walk around the quaint local shops selling the town’s handcrafted produce from ceramics to decorative wood paintings, so you can pick up a different type of souvenir from the usual efforts. What the town lacks in a beach makes up for in scenic views from the cliffs, overlooking Naples and Mount Vesuvius across the water. Staying in Sorrento makes for a great base when exploring other nearby parts of Italy, as it’s out of the hustle and bustle, so is great for a quiet getaway, yet is close enough to neighbouring cities and towns for a day out.

Amalfi Coast

Hailed as one of Italy’s greatest offerings, the Amalfi Coast is a magnificent example of a picturesque Mediterranean landscape. From the prominent cliffs facing the shores, to the wash of greenery, this area of Italy is certainly a place to leave your woes behind. An array of diverse towns spread across the coastline, offering each of their own cultural merits. From the cosmopolitan Positano to the cultural Ravello, there’s a place along the Amalfi Coast to suit all tastes of every holiday maker. The area is more than just picture perfect, as it boasts an array of hiking trails that will free you from the sun soaked crowds, and get your heart racing.

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