If you’re after guaranteed sunshine, then Cyprus is the holiday destination for you! With temperatures reaching 40 degrees C over July and August, it’s not one for those who shy away from the heat, but one thing for sure is that you’ll come home with a cracking tan!

Whether you’re after a relaxing beach holiday, a touch of culture, or back to back parties, Cyprus caters for all audiences.

Why travel to Cyprus?

Cyprus has been a popular choice among holiday makers from all around the world for many decades and though the warm climate and beautiful beach resorts certainly play a part in this, the country has so much more to offer.

The history & culture

Cyprus ruins

As a result of a Turkish invasion in 1974, the island is divided into Northern and Southern territories, meaning the culture is steeped with an elaborate mix of both Greek and Turkish influences. The Southern Greek half of the island is most popular with tourists, while the Turkish half remains slightly more untouched and off the radar of holidaymakers.

Due to the island’s location lying just off the Southern coast of Turkey in the Mediterranean, Cyprus has always been at the crossroads between Europe and Asia and was subject of many a squabble among Ancient empires. Left behind are a plethora of ancient ruins and medieval castles to be explored. Some of the most famous attractions on the island include Paphos Harbour and Castle, Aphrodite’s Rock and Kolossi Castle near Limassol.

You can learn all about Cyprus’ history and heritage in one of the many museums scattered around the island.

The beaches and landscape

Cyprus beach

Cyprus is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and though the main tourist resorts have wide stretches of white sand to sink your feet into, there are so many hidden coves to explore along the coasts.

Holiday resorts Paphos, Larnica and Limassol lie on the Southern coast of the island and are dotted with beautiful hotels and tourist facilities. Paphos has become the most popular destination among Brits and is probably the more relaxed of the beach resorts.

The magnificent mountainous landscape is also a huge selling point for the island. If you’re looking for a bit of adventure, walking holidays can be enjoyed through the hills, mountains and villages year round.

The cuisine

cypriot food

Traditional Cypriot cuisine is a blend of Greek, Turkish, Middle Eastern and African flavours. Their national dish is a mezze, made up of a selection of Cypriot delicacies, including meat, fish, salad and fruit.

If you’re a fish fan you’re in for a treat, as Cyprus is known for their amazing seafood and everywhere you go you’ll find restaurants offering their fresh catch of the day.

The nightlife


The nightlife in Cyprus is so diverse it will cater for everyone, from family friendly bars, to laid back chill out spots and lively clubs.

Though each of the holiday resorts offer a pretty decent nightlife scene in terms of dining and cocktails, if you’re looking for something a bit more lively Ayia Napa is probably your best bet.

Located on the East Coast of the island, Ayia Napa has become one of Europe’s hottest clubbing destinations. The centre of the resort is packed with bars, clubs and fast food joints and attracts thousands of young people every summer. Not for the light hearted, the parties are around the clock, often kicking off around the pool during the afternoon and going on until around 6am the next day.

What to pack?

What you pack will vary depending on the nature of your holiday, however there are a few must haves for your trip!

For the ladies…



Even if you’re after the culture, chances are you won’t want to waste the opportunity to soak up the rays and relax by the pool or beach at some point. This white bikini by Heidi Klein is sure to turn some heads and even has a slightly Grecian look about it so you’ll definitely look the part!


A pair of sandals are the most versatile thing you can have in your suitcase when travelling to Cyprus. These stylish gold sandals by Michael Kors are perfect for daytime and evening wear.

A hat

Whether you’re exploring the sites, or relaxing by the pool, it can get pretty hot in Cyprus, so you’ll need a hat to shield yourself from the rays. This classic woven straw hat by Patrizia Pepe will complete an elegant holiday look.

For the men…


Swimwear and towel

If organisation isn’t your strong suit, this handy towel and shorts set by Hugo Boss will make sure you’re all set for a swim.

Summer shoes

A comfortable closed toe shoe will look smarter in the evenings and are ideal if you plan on doing a bit of sightseeing. These navy suede boat shoes by Polo Ralph Lauren are the perfect day-night transition shoe.

A selection of t-shirts

The culture is pretty laid back in Cyprus and a t-shirt is likely to be your go-to option for both daytime and evening wear. This relaxed Franklin and Marshall beach print t-shirt has a real holiday vibe to it.