From some of Hollywood’s finest to the world’s sporting champions, we’ve picked some of the most stylish men of the moment to check out exactly what is it that makes them the male fashion icons of our time. We have everything from fine tailoring to keeping it causal, and everything in-between. These gentlemen prove that men’s fashion is far from boring and limiting. However, you may be surprised to find that there are a few rules all these guys seem to follow.

So here’s our list of the top 10 male fashion icons and how you can capture their look:


Possibly one of the most relatable icons out there, David Beckham is like a fine wine, his style just gets better with age. Since his early days playing for Manchester United, Beckham has gone on to rule the world of fashion, featuring in a number of campaigns and launching two fashion lines of his own.

Perhaps he’s learnt a thing or two from the missus, but you can’t deny he’s got style and luckily it’s not hard to emulate.

How to:

Beckham gets the fit right! Dress to your shape and size so that you’re not drowning in material or busting at the seams.

Keep to simple necklines such as the classic crew neck.

Wear tops with a hem that meets at the hipbone for a flattering silhouette.



When he’s not reigning supreme as the UFC Lightweight Champion of the world and knocking out opponents in the ring, he’s dressed to kill. In everything McGregor does, in and out of the ring, he does it with flair and swagger. There are, however, a few golden rules that McGregor adheres to when it comes to his clothes.

How to:

Get the right fit. With McGregor’s particular physique, his tailored suits have to be adjusted. With a little bit of alteration, even the most basic suit can go from zero to K.O.

Though they may seem like a relic from a bygone era, you shouldn’t underestimate the effect of a waistcoat to complete your look. If you’re fortunate enough to a build similar to McGregor, a waistcoat will not only help to streamline your mid-riff, it’ll widen the appearance of your shoulders and hide that crumpled shirt.



We’ll never be as cool as Idris Elba, when he’s not acting in block-buster movies, busting out tunes as a DJ or working with fashion brands, Elba aims for style and comfort in his downtime. There are two things we can learn from Elba.

How to:

Firstly, dress to your shape (notice the pattern developing?). Being 6 ft 3, and of a muscular build, there’s the risk of either wearing clothes that drown your form or wearing clothes cut too close to the body so you end up looking like a body building enthusiast.

Secondly, don’t be afraid to use accessories to complement your outfits. A dark pair of shades, a watch, a stylish pair of trainers; your accessories shouldn’t take attention away from your outfit but work with it.


We suppose the clue is in the name, but Harry Styles is best known for his role in the internationally recognised band One Direction, and though you may not be a fan of the music, there’s certainly a lot to admire about this guy’s wardrobe. Channelling his inner Mick Jagger, Harry combines loud patterned shirts with snake-hip jeans and black ankle boots.

How to:

The best way to try this look is to ensure you keep the jeans or trousers a plain, block colour, such as black. A skinny cut is best, but there are relaxed skinny options out there for those concerned for their circulation.

For those that aren’t sure that brash print shirts are quite your thing, ease yourself into the style by trying a more subtle print such as a pinstripe or polka-dot pattern.

To get the same care-free, bohemian appearance as Harry, make sure you unbutton that shirt for that casual, rock god look.


Proving that style has no age limit, Instagram sensation and fashion designer Nick Wooster, with his adventurous and unique style, is a paragon of progressive style. Not for the faint of heart, Wooster has the uncanny ability of combining an array of distinguished styles without looking like a clown. Having been pinned as the guru of Street style, for Wooster it’s simply a matter of wearing what looks good. Sometimes combining floral prints, tailoring and sportswear in a single outfit, Wooster proves that your imagination is the limit when it comes to fashion.

How to:

Buy the very best quality you can. We’re not saying rob a bank so you can buy the entire Armani Jeans collection, but do try to opt for quality rather than quantity.

Keep it current and don’t be afraid to experiment. Men’s fashion is so versatile, but it’s easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to our style and tastes.


Best known for his breakout role in Slumdog Millionaire (2008), and recently starring in the heart-wrenching Lion (2016), Mr Patel is quickly becoming one of the best dressed celebrities out there, and his laid back approach to dressing well is one that we can all easily strive to.

 How to:

Patel chooses slim-cuts that fit to his body, so choose pieces that fit your body shape and which do it justice!

Use your tops and shirts to be adventurous with colour.

Keep your trousers neutral so you’re not in danger of colour clashing.

Patel’s often seen in the classic Oxford Shoe, and these are great for smartening up even the most casual look.


This Billericay boy is best known for his Docle & Gabbana breakthrough advert for Light Blue, and is synonymous with superb style. Having strolled the catwalks for some of the most famous fashion houses in the world, Gandy’s off the catwalk wardrobe is just as impressive. With an impressive collection of enviable suits, Gandy mixes it up with casual pieces such as knitwear and t-shirts, with a range of accessories. However, Gandy’s look takes a lot of thought and consideration for tones and materials.

How to:

Keep the materials the same throughout, tweed with tweed for example.

Make sure you match a bold colour with neutral colours.

If you’re gifted with a svelte physique, tuck in that t-shirt! If not, best leave that t-shirt to hang free.

Pair your t-shirts with smart chinos and brogues for Gandy’s understated elegant style.


When he’s not busy playing an animated raccoon in Guardians of the Galaxy, Bradley Cooper’s fulfilling the role of a new dad, and we’re sure that no matter what he’s doing, he’s doing it with style. Though Cooper has committed the occasional fashion faux-pa, he can be forgiven for every time he has got it right. On the red carpet, at least, this is a man who knows how to wear a suit.

How to:

Get the right fit! (Where have I heard that before?) A suit should fit you like a glove, which may been having to invest in a little alteration, but trust us, it’ll be a worthwhile investment.

Combine sharp tailoring with an unbuttoned shirt to give a relaxed contrast.

Accessorise your look- Cooper never wears a suit without an accompanying piece such as a watch or a silk a tie.


Making waves in the fashion world, Tinie Tempah has been proving himself to be more that just a musical icon, but a fashion one too. Having debuted his line of menswear earlier this year (What We Wear), Tempah has proven his talents are not limited to just the music industry. Whether he’s performing on stage or being snapped when out and about, Tinie does it in undeniable style.

How to:

Experiment combining bold colours with classic cuts. Tinie was seen in a pastel pink tux jacket. Now, that may not be for everyone, but don’t be afraid of colour.

Tinie’s footwear is always faultless, often opting for box-fresh trainers. One of Tinie’s staples is a pair of Nike trainers.

Accessorise your look. We’ve said it before in this article, but accessories can add the wow factor to your outfit.


Best known for his role as the fun-loving television host for the ‘Late Late Show’, in particular his car pool antics, Corden proves that your body doesn’t have to restrict you from having style. At the 2017 Grammy Awards, Corden was seen to have 3 outfit changes, each suit as distinctive as the last. Corden is, perhaps surprisingly, exceptionally well versed in the best men’s fashion has to offer.

How to:

We’ll only say it one more time, we promise, but the key to Corden’s look is choosing cuts that suit and flatter your shape.

Don’t be afraid to mix up traditional tailoring with bold prints and casual footwear.

Have fun with it! Yes, fashion is about looking good, but it’s about feeling good too.


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