Festival fashion is all about having fun, mixing things up, giving into that sense of frivolous joy and freedom, but it’s also about being prepared for whatever the elements might throw at you!

A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall

Now, take it from us, there’s nothing worse when you’re at a festival and the heavens decide to open and it rains for 10 hours straight, AND you have inadequate waterproofs. Even if you’re lucky enough to be enjoying tropical temperatures, once the night descends you will feel the chill! So, to avoid developing hypothermia we suggest investing in a high-quality coat. Yes, Macs and ponchos may be all the rage at a festival, but they provide very little in the way of protection.

We’ve chosen this puffer style jacket from Moncler. Not only does it provide excellent water resistance, it’s super stylish as well. With a generous hood to shield your daisy-chain headbands, and a slightly longer length that comes just past the top of the hip to cover up your pockets.


Taper Jean Girl

As a classic wardrobe staple, not only are jeans versatile and comfortable, but their practical as well. Only once you’re in that festival arena do you come to truly appreciate the humble pocket.

So, we’ve chosen these Armani Jeans  that not only come with a multitude of pockets, but the contemporary design features areas of distressing to help you capture that rock n’ roll vibe!

We Wear Short Shorts

There’s no better time to get those pins out than when you’re chilling on a grassy knoll, sipping a glass of prosecco and listening to live music.

We unconditionally adore these mini shorts from Conditions Apply with their funky patterning and feminine overlay which is adorned with tassels and boho-inspired embroidery.

All Summer Long

When the sun is shining you want to make sure you’ve got the perfect outfit to soak up those splendid rays. You want something light, something that allows you to dance the night away without restriction, something that takes you from day to night-when the party really gets started.

This play-suit from Camilla perfectly captures that bohemian-chic spirit that just screams festival style. The flowing form of the designs means you can freely twerk till your heart’s content, without anything holding you back!

Put My T-Shirt On

Festivals are all about having fun and the same applies to your wardrobe too. A sometimes slightly overlooked essential, the modest t-shirt, is effortlessly easy to wear and provides an excellent starting point for endless layering opportunities. It’s also the easiest way to inject vibrancy into your ensemble.

But fear not, Kenzo has got you covered. Stand out from the crowd with this iconic eye logo t-shirt!

Boogie Shoes

It often slips our minds that as fantastic as festivals are, there is usually either a lot of walking or standing around, so be sure to wear something that is kind to your feet. If the weather permits, you can’t go far wrong with a pair of trainers. Not only will they go with every festival ensemble, they offer practical comfort.

So, our top pick are these silver, snakeskin patterned converse. Not only are they absolutely gorgeous ? but they’re super comfy too!

OR try these equally enchanting gold espadrilles from Michael Kors to inject some instant glamour and keep your tootsies cool all the live long day!

Handbags and Gladrags

Here you’ve got a few options, and each one comes with pros and cons. If, like us, you find yourself compelled to carry around every foreseeable necessity then a rucksack is probably going to be your best port of call.

The great thing about a rucksack is it’s capacity to fit in everything, but be warned, if you’re going to a festival where the crowds are a little rowdy, your back-pack will in all likelihood take the brunt of the squish.

However, if you travel a little lighter, then a small shoulder bag is ideal. An easy way to inject a little fun and flair into your festival ensemble is with this Diane Von Furstenberg Pom Pom Bag!

Shades of Cool

Shades are absolute necessity during festival season! Even if the weather man predicts torrential downpours when you’ll be rolling up to your VIP camper-van, make sure you’ve got them packed ready regardless. Even if there’s not the slightest glimpse of sunshine, they’ll come in handy in the morning.

You can’t go far wrong with a pair of aviators and these beauties from Le Specs just ooze timeless appeal ?

Whatever look you’re rocking this festival season, do it with style! ?