G.H. Bass is a brand that has seen a limitless level of success in its long history. From film stars to sporting heroes, their shoes have adorned the feet of some of the most influential people in history. Dating back to 1876, the brand was first brought to life in Maine by George Henry Bass. Since then, they have soared to the peaks of popular culture, been the first boots to fly the Atlantic and have even been worn by John F. Kennedy. Here are some of the most notable wearers of G.H. Bass & Co shoes:


1927 – Charles A. Lindbergh wears a pair of Bass flying boots in the first transatlantic flight from New York to Paris.



1928 – Admiral Richard E. Byrd wears Bass boots during three expeditions to Antarctica.





1929 – Bass moccasins become the shoe of choice for First Lady Lou Henry Hoover.




1938 – The U.S. golf team wins their first Walker Cup with 5 of the 9 players wearing Bass shoes.

1955 – Grace Kelly is seen sporting a pair of G.H. Bass & Co in promotional images for the 1955 film To Catch a Thief.







1957 – John F. Kennedy wears G.H. Bass & Co Weejuns in Georgetown, USA.







1957 – Audrey Hepburn wears G.H. Bass & Co in 1957 film Funny Face.

1961 – Steve McQueen relaxes in a pair of G.H. Bass & Co Weejuns in The Honeymoon Machine.

1962 – Paul Newman can be seen sporting a pair of Weejuns whilst relaxing at home in California.






1965 – Esquire style writer George Frazier dubs Miles Davis “The Warlord of the Weejuns”.








1984 – Michael Jackson wore black G.H. Bass & Co Weejuns in the opening of his Thriller music video.

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