The city of London is perhaps the most loved city in Europe, its world class restaurants, luxury shopping districts and beautiful skyline, put it right at the top of every traveler’s to do list.  With the bank holiday weekend looming, we created our mini guide to give you a bit of inspiration if you fancy heading into the big smoke…

How To Get Around

Leave the car at home and head in via train. Whether you’re travelling by Southern rail or the central line, public transport is probably the fastest and easiest way around the city. Depending on where you’re travelling from, travel cards can be pretty pricey (starting from roughly £20 if you’re in commuting distance) but cover both buses and trains in zones 1-6.

The best/most fun way to get around though is by Boris Bike. While it isn’t necessarily the quickest way around London, it’s certainly the cheapest and a lot more fun. You can find plenty of docking stations dotted around the city and most rides start from as little as £2 without the need to book them in advance. There are plenty of bike lanes in the city and, if you take advantage of the beautiful weather coming this weekend, it can be a pretty pleasant experience. Just be prepared for the competitiveness!

Where To Eat

Now this is a paragraph that could probably go on forever. If you’re planning on staying the weekend, the best breakfast option is The Breakfast Club. The Breakfast club has everything you could possibly want for a full-on breakfast plus more. Think American diner minus the grease. It’s known for having a long queue outside so go early enough to dodge the hangover crowd. If fry ups and pancakes aren’t your thing, then Cereal Killer Cafe is a fab alternative. A colourful cafe oozing with nostalgia, this one is perfect for the avid cereal lover or if you’re curious about trying quirky international breakfasts.

Lunch wise, Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium is definitely one worth checking out. The cafe is cat haven with cakes and probably the most adorable establishment in London. It’s quite pricey, but one that’s bound to amuse children and adults alike.

For dinner, London offers a little slice of everything. But for the best burgers in the city, nothing comes close to Shake Shack. Make sure you save space for the fries because they’re so darn tasty and seasoned SO well (and the dipping sauce they give you is spot on too!). If meat isn’t your dish then head on over to Temple of Hackney – London’s very own vegan fried chicken restaurant. The menu is a little limited, but the food is top notch!

Where To Explore

There is so much to see and do in London; your bank holiday weekend is bound to be jam packed! A highlight for families of all ages is the Natural History Museum. The museum itself is huge and would take you an entire day to see it all, but is well worth the aching legs for.  If you’re looking for something more explorative, then the Jack The Ripper Tour of Whitechapel is for you, especially if you have a love for horrible history. Costing just £10, the tours are a fantastic way to see a darker side to London’s past, one you cannot afford to miss!

Where To Shop

It wouldn’t be a bank holiday weekend without some much needed retail therapy. Of course, the usual go-to places for shopping in London are Stratford and Oxford Street, but there is so much more to the city than just the high street. If you’re a lover of all things weird and wonderful, then Camden Market is the place for you. Whether you’re into Goth or glamour, there’s something for everyone here. With nearly 1000 stalls and shops, it’s virtually impossible to leave without grabbing a bargain.

On the other end of the scale, Covent Garden is perfect for those who love high end fashion and beauty. Luxury brands such as Paul Smith and Fred Perry all reside within its beautifully presented streets, so be prepared to spend good few hours here as there is a lot to peruse.