Although every piece of swimwear may be made from different materials, and come with varying washing instructions, there are some general care rules that apply for everything from bikini’s to one pieces and trunks. To make your swimwear investments remain in great condition for as long as possible, follow our simple care guide

  • Make sure to rinse your swimwear through after swimming, this can be done in the shower without any shower gel, and then again by hand in warm, clean water. To remove traces of chlorine and salt water, use a mild soap instead of a washing detergent and avoid washing machines, as these can damage your delicate swimwear.
  • Do not use a dryer for your swimsuits, instead lay flat indoors to avoid wrinkling, or hang outside in the shade as sunlight will affect the elasticity and fade the colour of your swimwear. Make sure you only wear it again once it’s completely dry.
  • If you’re wearing polyamide or elastane blend swimwear in a chlorinated pool, make sure you wash it out in cold water as soon as possible, as these materials have less resistance against the chemicals.
  • Try to alternate between your favourite swimwear. Leave 24 hours in between wears, so your swimming costume can go back to its original shape, which will prevent it from going baggy.
  • Avoid rubbing your swimsuits against any rough surfaces, as this can damage the delicate fabrics. If you’re planning to sit at the side of a pool, lay a towel down before you do for some added protection.
  • When applying sun cream, try not to get any on your swimwear as the oils in the products can cause discolouring and break down elasticity, making it lose shape.
  • Try not to wear your favourite swimwear in hot tubs, or in hot water for an extended period of time. The hot water can cause the delicate materials to stretch out, and the colour may start to fade. If you can’t resist wearing it in the ‘tub, make sure you rinse it in cold water as soon as possible.
  • Even though it may be tempting, never leave your damp swimwear in a towel, as it will become a breeding ground for bacteria and will give chemicals more time to absorb into the swimsuit’s materials.

If you’re ever unsure when looking after your swimwear, make sure to read and follow the care label carefully, to prolong its life for as long as possible.