New year, new wardrobe? As we welcome 2017, you’re probably going to be making all sorts of resolutions to improve certain areas of your life and that’s why it only seems fit that your personal style should be on the list too!

Whether you’re looking to be more savvy with your spending or to reinvent your image, we’ve put together a list of the top style resolutions you should follow in the coming year.

Thou Shall Wear with Confidence

Forget supermodel legs or Kardashian curves, because shape and size aside, nothing has looked better than when you wear it with confidence. Fashion doesn’t always have to be about keeping up with trends, because what suits one person isn’t always the best look for another.  Choose clothes that make you feel fantastic, because when you feel great, you’ll look great too!


Thou Shall be Brave

The new year is the perfect opportunity for a fresh start, meaning is the ideal time to put aside any insecurities that have haunted you in your past and be brave with your style decisions. If you’re usually one to dodge bold trends, step out of your comfort zone and take the plunge. Ditch the all black e’rything look and allow some colour to seep into your wardrobe and with the brighter hues you’ll probably feel a mood boost too.


Thou Shall Wear What I  Like

2017 should be the year where you let your personality shine through. It’s time to forget about trends and dress for you. Bit of a tomboy? Embrace it! Love a bold print? Go wild! Life is too short for dressing to conform, so make it your resolution this year to wear things you’re instantly drawn to rather than trying to duplicate looks that you’ve seen on Instagram.


Thou Shall Invest in Quality Items That Will Last

Fast fashion is addictive and though it feels like you’re bagging yourself a bargain at the time, when you realistically think about the cost per wear of those items you wore once and chucked to the back of the wardrobe, suddenly it’s not so economic. That’s why investment pieces will be your new best friend in 2017. Building your wardrobe on timeless designs will inject some instant class to your look and unlike your bargain buys, they’ll stay in good nick year after year.


Thou Shall Invest in Quality Basics

Basic items form the foundation of every woman’s wardrobe, however they are often disregarded in favour of statement pieces. Though it is these items that you’ll find yourself wearing day in day out, we’re often reluctant to fork out for new ones, because where’s the excitement in buying a new white t-shirt, right? Well it’s these versatile garments that will tie your outfits together, from the jeans that step up to the job every time a ‘jeans and a nice top’ occasion arises, to the simple black vest that will make your statement skirt pop. Investing in some quality basics suddenly seems more worthwhile doesn’t it?


Thou Shall Have a Wardrobe Detox

We’re all guilty of hoarding clothes we haven’t worn in years, usually on the basis that we might wear them again for that very unlikely occasion that just MIGHT arise in the distant future…or of course, the ‘inspiration’ outfits that are two sizes too small, but you’re determined to fit into in the new year, despite them being about 5 years out of fashion. Well it’s time to stop! All that comes from having a cluttered wardrobe is confusion when it comes to finding an outfit to wear from day to day. By having a wardrobe detox you can get rid of the pieces that you don’t really like anymore and free up space for those that you’d like to wear more of…and of course a few new additions!