At times it can be hard to get yourself motivated to do exercise, especially if you’ve been sitting at a desk all day at work. Although it’s important to stay active, heading to the gym can be daunting, not to mention an expensive commitment. If you want to avoid the gym at all costs, you’ll be happy to know that there are many other ways for you to stay fit and healthy that don’t feel so laboured, such as yoga and cycling. If you’re wanting to explore your active horizons, check out our top picks of ways to work those muscles and improve your overall health:

The Climb

Although they may give you flashbacks of team building days at school, a climbing wall can be great fun, and not to mention a great work out too. Perfect for getting some exercise in when the weather doesn’t allow for outdoor activities, they’re there to work on your upper body strength and core muscles. With all the health and safety measures in place such as harnesses and padded mats, climbing centres also make for a good place to face your height fears!


Blow away the cobwebs with a scenic hike through the countryside. The UK has some great walking routes that will certainly build up a sweat and get the air into your lungs, whether you’re wanting a brisk uphill stroll or something a lot more challenging. From river sides to mountain walks, a hike is a great choice for any walker from novice to expert. To make the most of it, make sure you’ve got a pair of comfy walking shoes to take you through your journey!

Dance It Off

A dance class is a super fun way to stay fit, whilst picking up new skills and meeting new people at the same time. Whether you’re wanting to give ballroom a go, or take a step into the world of street dance, there’s a plethora of dance classes up and down the country that will definitely get your heart racing. You never know, you might end up discovering a hidden talent!

On Your Bike

If you find yourself driving everywhere, it may be time to consider swapping your car for a bike on those shorter journeys. If you already have a bike, it’s a cheap and easy way to stay fit and healthy, by giving you a cardio workout and building on your muscles at the same time.  Not to mention being better for the environment too!


If you’re more of a ‘namaste in bed‘ type in the mornings, yoga might just be the activity for you. Whether you’re wanting to practice in the comfort of your own home or attend a class, yoga has a multitude of benefits for your mind and well as your body. Perfect for reliving stress and muscle tension, yoga definitely makes for one of the more relaxing activities! You’ll soon be feeling a lot more flexible and energised too.

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