Nothing turns a lady’s head more than a delicious scent and with this new range of designer fragrances you’ll be spoilt for choice. Not only does the right fragrance make a lady go weak at the knees, it offers that finishing touch to any ensemble. So, if you’re running low on the old cologne, fancy trying something new or looking for the perfect gift for him, then our line of designer fragrances might just have the one for you.

Eight and Bob

From the creator Albert Fouquet, the son of a Parisian aristocrat, comes a rare and unique line of fragrances. Decades after its creation, the formula for his decadent colognes have now been restored. From its original inception, Fouquet’s scents have inspired and allured the most powerful, charming and stylish men the world has ever seen, from JFK to Cary Grant. Check out the suave collection here.


Dsquared2 designer fragrances offer scents inspired by the breathtaking landscapes of Canada. Revered and respected for their cutting-edge designs, their approach to fragrances is equally original and evocative. Expect to find rich, earthy and sensuous aromas that capture the ethos of strength, power and virility so intrinsic to this contemporary brand. Explore the range now.


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