It’s been a big month for Cazal, as acting legend Ben Kingsley was spotted in Cologne shooting his upcoming film “Collide”,  wearing none other than a pair of Cazal 858s! And he was totally rocking them too!

Kingsley’s latest role sees him playing a hard-as-nails mafia boss and with it comes the full drug lord get up, including the statement frames, fur coats and appropriate “bling”. He’s certainly not someone we’d like to cross paths with!  Starring alongside him in the action flick that is due for release in August 2016,  are Nicholas Hoult, Felicity Jones, Marwan Kenzari and Anthony Hopkins. Now that’s an impressive cast!

Also spotted wearing Cazal’s iconic sunglasses not once but TWICE this month, was Dutch Manchester United player Memphis Depay. Holland may have exited the Euros early on, but Depay was certainly winning in the style stakes!

Get the look here!