Ralph Lauren scores another high note by relaunching one of its most famous collections of the 1990s, Polo Sport.

The US brand has ridden the nostalgia wave with great success this season following last year’s CP-93 capsule collection, which seemed to create an appetite for more old-school apparel ranges to be revived from the Polo vault.

This fresh collection blends new with old in fine style by placing classic pieces alongside new designs to channel that wonderful ’90s vibe. For those who weren’t fortunate enough to have lived through the first Polo Sport Collection, let us break it down. It means you’ll be treated to a host of throwback designs and colourways from that era; jackets, bum bags and windbreakers being just a taste of what’s on offer. And did we mention those ultra-sleek Polo Sport Trackster Trainers?

Launched in 1992, Polo Sport was a first for a label of Ralph Lauren’s stature as it began transitioning away from signature Ivy League apparel and sportswear, instead looking towards more street-savvy audiences in an attempt to grow its popularity with people who didn’t feel the brand resonated with them on a social or fashion level.

All of which makes Ralph Lauren’s latest collection a clever (and on-trend) move in the modern era. With an appetite for shell-suited, logo-filled retromania at fever pitch, the Polo Sport Collection should keep the kids – and more than a few adults – very happy.

The Polo Ralph Lauren Polo Sport Collection is available at Zee & Co now.