With Notting Hill Carnival taking place this weekend, we’ve taken a look at what you can expect if you’re going and what to wear to the capital’s most attended street party.

Conceived in 1964 as a way for Afro-Caribbean communities to celebrate their cultures and traditions in the capital, the carnival has since evolved into the largest street festival in Europe. The initial concept of the carnival pays homage to the parades and celebrations which were rife throughout the Caribbean during the early 19th century. Today the carnival goes further than this and welcomes people from all cultures and communities to enjoy the colourful sights, mixture of sounds and joyous party that takes place every August bank holiday weekend.

What to Expect
At the Notting Hill Carnival you can expect some incredible street food, just imagine the best jerk chicken or curried goat with rice and peas. The carnival is also renowned for its unique Caribbean music with steel bands, calypso rhythms and exhilarating live performances. The event is highly policed though do not allow this to dissuade your attendance, the police see the carnival as a way to improve public relations so don’t be surprised to see the occasional officer enjoying the music too.

What to Wear – Men
In our style guide for Notting Hill Carnival we have catered for a variety of tastes. Whether you’re willing to embrace the vibrant colours of the celebrations or take preference to more refined and casual choices we have something for you.


Accessorise your style
Complete your outfit in style with this range of accessories perfect for the biggest street event of the year. We have opted for: Versus Versace Multi-Pattern Backpack, Vivienne Westwood navy small leather bag, Super by Retrosuperfuture black flat top sunglasses (81507), True Religion red logo cap, McQ by Alexander McQueen blue woven croc backpack, Ray-Ban gunmetal aviator sunglasses, G-Shock red neo-metallic watch and True Religion black perforated leather branded belt.



What to Wear – Women
For women we have also featured a real variety of looks. We have catered for the understated style, then offered something vibrant and in turn opted for a provocative look that falls in line with the essence of the carnival. Whatever your tastes may be, we have you covered.