The times when going to the gym was an embarrassment are well and truly over!

Oh no, the days of strolling to the gym in baggy old clothes hoping not to see anyone you recognise have been replaced with the thrill of rocking your latest athletic ensemble. In modern days, the gym has become a platform for making a statement about your fashion sense.

How can you really nail gym-wear this season though? The answer is simple, without appearing to try too hard, find garments that will combine performance and style properties. Follow our simple steps to picking the best athletic styles here:




There are two types of tracksuit, those designed for fashion and those designed for performance. Emporio Armani’s EA7 range perfectly combines style with a sports-ready design that ensures it is the perfect addition to your gym bag. Tracksuits are ideal for wearing whilst travelling to and from the gym.


Finding the right t-shirt for the gym is imperative to the comfort of your workout. Avoid bold graphic prints and low hanging hems, as these will obstruct the freedom of your movement. Brands like Y-3 and Hugo Boss Green are well-versed at making garments which will complement both casual wearing and your work-out wardrobe.


Shorts are simple to style with your gym outfit. Sweat design garments are the most practical and suitable for active wearing. This type of shorts can be found from brands like Stone Island and Adidas.


Trainers are arguably the most important addition to any gym bag. Finding the right footwear can be a tough ask, but can also be the difference between a successful and strenuous workout. For those who like to take their exercise to the next level there is the Y-3 Kyujo Trainer. Alternatively, the Hugo Boss Hybrid Running Trainer is a piece that offers the support and comfort needed for exercise, combined with an urban style that lends this item a level of faultless versatility.