It has been revealed that a film depicting the friendship between late fashion designer Alexander McQueen and editor Isabella Blow is in production. Entitled The Ripper, the drama by Maven Pictures will explore McQueen’s life and the pair’s volatile, yet intriguing relationship.

Both known for their eccentric style and extraordinary creativity, it was this that brought the two fashion icons together and lead to them becoming one of the most compelling fashion collaborations of all time.

McQueen had Blow to thank for his great success in fashion, as it was she who first discovered his extraordinary talent while visiting the Central Saint Martins MA graduate show in 1992. In fact, she was so impressed that she bought his whole collection entitled ‘Jack the Ripper’, which is where script writer Gesha-Marie Bland found the name for the upcoming film.

Tensions grew between the pair in 2001 when McQueen came to the decision to sell his label to the Gucci Group, leaving Blow upset as he failed to take her along with him and rather allowed her to fall by the wayside.

Sadly both McQueen and Blow’s lives ended tragically to suicide in 2007 and 2010, however they have forever left their mark on the fashion industry.

Jack O’Connell, best known for his roles in Unbroken, Starred Up,’71 and Money Monster, will be taking on the role of Alexander McQueen in the film.

The Ripper is just one of a number of films inspired by McQueen’s life. Director Andrew Haigh is also currently working on a project, that is thought to place more focus on McQueen’s relationship with his mother Joyce, however he is yet to release more details.

Channel 4 also created a documentary entitled McQueen & I back in 2011, telling the dramatic story of Alexander McQueen’s rise to fashion stardom, his relationship with his eccentric, aristocratic muse and patron Isabella Blow, and of both their tragic suicides.