When two young entrepreneurs visited a quaint section of the Caribbean known as St. Barth, so struck were they by the island’s calm blue oceans and warm, vivid colours, they decided to create a company to celebrate it. And, in 1994, MC2 Saint Barth was born.

Having previous experience in the textile industry, both men drew inspiration from the island’s unique atmosphere, tapping into their elegant surroundings and refined locales to design a fresh beachwear collection based off of everything they enjoyed about this often overlooked corner of the world. Aptly naming their new brand after the place they loved, MC2 was later added as it was the first aeroplane model to successfully fly from St. Martin to St. Barth.

The flagship store, of course situated in Saint Barth, was built following the colonial style of the Caribbean houses and opened its doors to a beachwear collection for the entire family to enjoy.

Zee & Co is excited to welcome this industrious and fashion-laden label to its roster of high-quality apparel for men and juniors.