Love him or hate him, you’ve got to admire Kanye West for the passion and drive he has to achieve his dreams. He’s certainly a go getter and he doesn’t let anything stand in his way.

His latest venture is a new long-term collaboration with sportwear giant Adidas, launching a new line named  “Adidas + Kanye West”, producing footwear, apparel and accessories for men and women that seamlessly combines fashion and athleticwear.

The rapper has previously worked with the brand on the Yeezy for Adidas Originals shoe in 2013, however their latest project is expected to be on another level, with Adidas describing it as “the most significant partnership ever created between an athletic brand and a non-athlete”. The extended partnership will include opening new brick and mortar stores, dedicated to the Yeezy range, in addition to the new sports performance collection.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, West said that his aim is for his sportwear to be seen on the likes of major league basketball and football players. He even went as far as to compare his athletic prowess to the sports stars, which comes as no surprise following his previous boastful outbursts.

In a press release Eric Liedtke, adidas CMO said:

“Kanye is a true creator who has the ability to see things others don’t. We are excited and honored to build on this partnership, and eagerly look forward to defining the future together.”