Founded in 2009 by German fashion scout Thomas Kromik, Thom/Krom is a brand that focuses on the unique and individual. The very essence of this label is distinctive; it deliberately deviates from the mainstream but focuses on urban life. Muted colours and modernistic styles are key factors in this collection.

Thom/Krom is a brand inspired by metropolitan city life and by those who prefer the night to the day. The designs look beyond the obvious and focus on individuality. The clothing in this collection can often be tricky to style so we have taken a closer look at the garments and offered some expert tips to ensure you look your best.

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1. Balance your outfit

Most Thom/Krom tops tend to be long fitting with rough frayed hems and added layer designs. This can be a bit daunting at first if you’re not used to an outfit like this. Worry not! We know exactly how you feel. First we would suggest that if you are wearing a low hanging top then ensure your jeans are close fitting, skinny jeans are best. As most t-shirts in this collection tend to be refined black, white or grey shades, it is simple to find a pair of jeans to complement them; black or ice blue colours look best but greys and indigo tones should never be ruled out.

2. Nail your footwear

Next up are the shoes. This is where you have the opportunity to really add a bit of personality to your look. We recommend opting for a trainer that further reveals the look’s urban inspirations. Bold red or white pieces give a more noticeable factor to your outfit whereas black footwear alleviates the attitude in your ensemble.

3. Finish the look with outerwear

Add the finishing touch to your look with a black Thom/Krom bomber jacket.

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