When it comes to the subject of high heels, there is one thing we can all agree on, they are beautiful to look at. Some prefer to admire them from afar while others quickly discover that love, even love at first sight soon turns to hate after having worn a pair for a length of time.

Heels can instantly transform any look, enhancing its feminine factor by elongating the length of your legs, making them appear thinner and more appealing. However they say no pain no gain, so it is no surprise that this elegant finishing touch to your outfit comes at a price and pain is very much in this equation. That is why we are on hand to turn these beautiful torture contraptions into dreamy feet hugging heroes.


Tips for avoiding the dreaded high heel enduced pain:

As much as we might all wish otherwise, no pair of high heels will ever be as comfortable as a good pair of trainers. Luckily there are many pairs which are comfortable enough to choose from, the secret is finding the perfect fit. With the right sized heels all that’s left to worry about is walking.

Walking in stilettos is really a science, unlike mindlessly strolling the side walks in trainers. Special attention and care needs to be given to the rest of your body to avoid stumbling and potentially hurting yourself. So instead of simply letting your legs do all the work, engage your abs and try walking heel-to-toe to give your feet the best chance possible. Beyond all that, the following steps will help ensure overall comfort when wearing high heels.


Confidence in your heels goes a long way…

There is no better confidence booster than knowing you look amazing in a pair of high heels. When you feel good on the inside, this will no doubt reflect on the outside. Set aside your fear of falling over and channel your best runaway stance and walk that walk.

Make sure you’re wearing the right size shoe…

The main reason for discomfort when wearing stilettos stems from not having the correct shoe size for you foot. This can be easily fixed by having your feet measured and since foot size is known to change over the years, it is best to double check, especially if you have never had it done before. The best time to do this is before purchasing a new pair of shoes.

Try a shoe with more coverage…

Sometimes the more coverage you have on top of your foot, the better. In which case, opting for a high heeled boot tends to be the most comfortable option for all day wearing. Alternatively, if the temperature is warm enough, try a shoe with an ankle strap or wide strap across the top. More coverage will also offer more protection to those who are prone to blisters.

Those over-the-counter shoe inserts really do help.

There is nothing more annoying than having your feet slide around in your shoes every time you walk. So try over the counter products such as metatarsal or ball of the foot pads, these are oval shaped pads to be placed under the ball of your foot. Made out of silicone gel, they reduce soreness and hold the foot steady which will in turn protect you from friction and blisters.

Prep and proceed with caution…

Due to their delicate nature, heels tend to be more slippery than any other shoe, especially sky-high stilettos that scream proceed with caution! To protect yourself from inevitable disasters, prep the soles of your heels with Grippy Steps that can be secured at the bottom of each shoe to help create traction. Alternatively use sandpaper or a rough surface.


How to wear them…

Sky High Sophistication



Keep things simple and effortless for smart dress codes where less is more. Combine a plain pair of heels with a classic black dress or a white blouse and suit trouser ensemble for that ultimate sophisticated look. Note that sometimes plainer outfits work best with statement stilettos that have detailing that stands out.

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Boost Your Casual Look



The key to nailing the perfect casual look lies in the layering, so when you have selected your best pair of jeans to go with that cute top and jumper, be sure to complete this match making with the perfect pair of shoes. Heeled boots will offer the ultimate style and comfort for day to day wear and running errands. Whilst any style boots will do the trick, suede boots will work wonders to your look and add the perfect amount of texture for a stylish finish.

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Smart/ Casual Nailed



Flaunt the best of both worlds with the perfect smart blouse and complementary suede skinny trousers or jeans. When smart meets casual the right pair of heels will take your look to stylish new heights. Plain black shoes will reinforce the smart factor in your outfit, while studded suede shoes like these by Sam Edelman will introduce a playful touch. Complete with a fur embellished clutch and leather jacket to create a striking look.

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