Time flies when you’re having a good time, before you know it Halloween is just around the corner and you have neglected to plan your Halloween costume. As time begins to dwindle, perusing fancy dress shops and the ever increasing online shopping channels becomes all too stressful. The very notion of having to dress up actually inspires dread in some people, especially when you factor in the time consuming make-up application and cumbersome removal.

Luckily when it comes to dressing up you do not need to be a make-up artist or fashion guru to pull off a stylish ensemble. Just the right amount of effort will ensure comfort without the potential of getting accused of  being costume-less or lame. So with this in mind, we have rounded up some of the best and most iconic costumes of all time, guaranteed to assist you in achieving that effortless and stylishly spooky look.

Each of the following costumes is fantastic in its own right and you will notice that make-up plays a key role in nailing each look. Weighing over fifty per cent, make-up could be so powerful in itself that whatever you decide to wear will look absolutely fabulous. Stereotyping aside, this is one of the only times where it is socially acceptable for men to wear as much make-up as they want. So forget forking out a huge amount of money on a pre-arranged costume, grab yourself a paint brush and a bunch of make-up and we’ll have you looking scarier than Dracula himself…





There is nothing spookier than the un-dead whether in corpse or spirit form, the idea of an encounter with one is enough to send a chill racing down most people. Ghosts differ from zombies because they can be elegant, they are not decomposing corpses, they are beautiful spooky spirits that can be as radiant and fabulous as the imagination allows.

As completely open to interpretation as they are, ghost costumes could be anything from classy to down right gruesome, which makes nailing the look that much easier. When styling, the costume itself must remain inconspicuous so a simple robe, sheet or any clothing of your choice will do as long as it is white in colour.

With the outfit out of the way, next comes the make-up…

  • Since the look heavily relies on white make-up for that pale look, a clean slate is best to begin with, so remove any existing make-up, dirt or oil off your face.
  • Using a sponge for full coverage, create a white base. Apply a generous amount of white make-up (white powder, pale foundation or paint) all over any exposed skin.
  • Apply either a dark lipstick or nude lipstick and work in some of that white make-up around the edges for that faded effect.
  • Define your eyes and cheekbones using dark shades
  • Upon achieving that black eye and sunken cheek look, add a little sheen to your cheeks and forehead for that otherworldly finishing touch.





The Addams Family (based on 1991 American fantasy comedy film) comes to life at Halloween as countless people wrap themselves up in the house of horror’s iconic dark attire. This year, take a leaf out of Wednesday Addams’ book and put on your best black frock. For best results keep things simple, a plain figure hugging black dress can be paired with a nice pair of black boots and topped off with a cute little bag.

This minimal approach can also be extended to make-up…

  • First thing’s first, a Wednesday Addams look is never quite complete without her fabulous braids, so part and braid your hair into two sections.
  • To achieve the iconic paleness, introduce a layer of white make-up or power to any exposed flesh
  • For an experimental twist add a dark red, plum or black lipstick.
  • Tap into your inner wickedness to display the perfect resting ‘bitch face’ and you will be marvelous!





Thinking of going for that distressed look this Halloween? Look no further because this decay theme is guaranteed to tick all the right boxes, from crumbly make-up to disturbing prints and ripped clothes.

Since decay is already naturally associated with deterioration, what better way to celebrate Halloween than with disintegrating facial features coupled with ghoulish clothing. Keep it casual, grab some comfortable trainers, a spooky or distressed outfit and top it all off with make-up.

Now the make-up part is key, if you want to give out that fragile ‘falling to pieces’ vibe be sure to do the following…

  • Like with most Halloween themes, begin by prepping your face for the white base.
  • Apply white or off white paint and powered to exposed flesh.
  • As it dries begin scratching cracks and imperfections (the dry paint will help create with that ‘crumbling away effect’).
  • Apply dark lipstick and eye shadow, add dark or cloudy white contact lenses to enhance the scare factor.
  • Spray your hair white and add an accessory of your choice (a beanie will hold it nicely in place).





Witches are the stuff of legends, they come in all shapes, sizes and capabilities. Possessing magical powers which can be channeled for either good or evil, witches operate with spells in most cases, so spooky ingredients, patterns and symbols are the norm. So why not tap into their mystical world this Halloween and witness first hand as the great legend comes to life.

Witches tend to stick to dark attire, with the exception of some good witches who like to separate themselves by embracing white. When it comes to styling your costume, either keep it simple to emphasise your accessories, or opt for  interesting prints with witchey symbols and patterns. Complete the look with a touch of make-up, for a strong effect paint some abstract patterns or signs on your face.

Ideas for this look…

  • Introduce accessories such as feathers into your hair
  • Use make up of face paint to draw symbols such as the moon, sun or other abstract shapes on your chosen body part
  • Women can opt for more defining make-up such as lipstick and eye shadow
  • For dark witches, footwear with spikes or other gothic elements will elevate your look.
  • Good witches can go for softer alternatives to make-up and clothes to emphasise their delicate nature.




Zombies are the less elegant versions of the walking dead, unlike ghosts they are rotten corpses walking the earth in pursuit of a fleshy bite to eat. Since anyone can be a zombie, this theme is perfect for males or females and comes with a distressed look infused with dirt and blood. To nail this look, locate your least favourite outfit and give it a few alterations like bloodstains, dirt and rips. Make use of paint, coffee or any other available staining medium to get the full effect.

While your outfit is drying, you have some time to get your make-up just right…

  • Start with prepping your face, cleanse to remove any current make-up or excess oil
  • Apply a white base using foundation or face paint (gently work this in with a sponge for even coverage)
  • Introduce the distressed factor by adding red blood-like tones around the eyes and mouth area
  • Add in some black eye shadow around the eyes and cheeks for that gaunt look
  • For the finishing touches, apply dark or black lipstick and put in white or red contact lenses to take your look to the next level






Nothing says fresh out of a grave more than a skeleton. This Halloween cover your bones with your best frock and get ready to party because your skeleton has done enough dancing in the grave. The beauty of opting for the skeleton route is that all you need to do is either flaunt the theme using make up or a skeletal inspired outfit. For women an inspired costume could include back detail on a dress or skull or bone jewellery, men can opt for print or ribbed accessories and clothing.

Alternatively put your best suit or dress on and let make-up handle the rest…

  • Like with the other themes, a  pale or white foundation is key
  • Apply a white base foundation or face paint
  • Add in some bone detail using black eye shadow, paint or eyeliner (you can be as intricate and precise as you want at this stage)
  • Next arrange your hair to your liking
  • Top it all off with some white or pale contact lenses





Werewolves, with their animalistic features and predatory nature are the source of nightmares for some. This Halloween unleash your inner animal and swap your ordinary look for a touch of fur. This theme couldn’t be easier, channel the basic instincts of the wolf into your look with a casual yet distressed twist. Women can opt for fur jackets and shoes, perfect for shielding against the night’s chill and men can go for the leather look with a hint of casual distress. Alternatively men can go for ripped jeans and t-shirt, ribbed shoes and a fur fringed trapper hat.

Ideas for this look…

  • Alongside the fur, teeth are key in this theme so grab a pair of fangs
  • If you do not currently own any shredded or ribbed items of clothing, either purchase some or alter old existing items
  • Make-up is also key in this look, so add dark smudges for that earthy effect, black lipstick and eye shadow
  • Dishevel your hair and give it that wild and untamed look
  • Finish off with a pair of yellow contact lenses





Vampires have always been associated with horror and bloodshed, alongside this is an elegant and sophisticated being who is usually hauntingly beautiful and alluring. So why not walk the fine line between beauty and the beast this Halloween by wearing glamour coupled with a dark gruesome coating. Since vampires are usually depicted as well dressed and charming monsters, a smart dress code would be best. For women costumes include high heels and lace, men can opt for a smart/casual approach with slim fitting jeans/trousers, shirt and jacket.

Make-up for this theme ranges from exaggerated natural beauty to monstrous…

  • Pale as like the rest of the undead, start with a white base to cover any exposed flesh
  • Apply dark shadows under the eyes for that hollow look
  • Red lipstick or paint around the mouth area (both men and women can apply this to give the impression of blood)
  • The most distinctive feature for this creature is fangs, so grab a size you are comfortable with (especially if you plan to keep them in all night)
  • For the finishing touches, red contact lenses will complete your look with a blood-thirsty effect