As Winter’s coming to an end, you may begin to notice that the harsh weather has done no good for your delicate tresses. With the combination of damage from chemical colouring, relaxing and heat styling, it may be time to give your locks a bit of well needed TLC for the new season. Although every hair type requires different kinds of treatment, there’s some general haircare rules that apply for everyone.

Eat Your Greens

It goes without saying that what you eat can definitely make positive changes to everything from your skin to your nails, but eating a good, balanced diet is reflected in your hair too. Iron rich foods such as spinach, chickpeas and soybeans are great for giving your hair that added bit of strength it needs after putting up with the combination of cold winter air and heat styling.

Get A Trim

Although it may seem counterproductive when trying to grow your hair, getting regular trims to rid your hair of those nasty split ends will result in less breakage in the future, making your hair feel healthier and stronger for longer. Although, don’t think you need to stick to them 6-week hairdresser appointments, as hair only tends to split after three months.

Limit The Shampoo

Avoid washing your hair everyday, and make sure to condition the ends adequately when you do, as frequent hair washing can strip the scalp of its natural oils, which can cause irritation and make your hair feel greasier in the long run. Washing with too hot water can do damage to your hair and scalp too, so turn down the temperature.

Deep Condition

Deep conditioners are great for hair that’s dry and damaged. Use a weekly hair repair mask, or discover the wonders of coconut oil. Massage gently into your ends and let sit overnight. Then wash your hair in the morning, rinsing the conditioner out with cold water to seal in moisture, which will keep your hair looking shiny, as well as feeling soft and smooth.

Avoid Heat

This seems like a given when it comes to haircare, but you may find it hard to give up your heat styling tools for good. If you can’t seem to go without your curling or straightening irons, try to avoid using hair dryers as much as possible. Instead, gently ring your hair out after washing and wrap in a lightweight towel or t-shirt, and let air dry. Add a small amount of serum to your towel dried ends if you’re wanting to fight the frizz.

Be Gentle

Make sure you comb through delicately, and avoid using a harsh brush when it’s damp, as wet hair is even more prone to breakage. Try running a wide tooth comb through your ends in the shower when you have conditioner in to get rid of any stubborn knots. NEVER brush through your hair whilst in the process of chemically bleaching or relaxing, as this will definitely do more damage than good.

Have a happy hair day!