Known as the Queen of Kaftans, iconic Australian fashion designer Camilla Franks is celebrating her 15 year anniversary with a collection of childhood inspired memories that also embodies the spirit of the Australian terrain and the wondrous treasures of her land.

Established in 2004 in Sydney’s Bondi Beach, Camilla is best known for her bohemian style that has been encapsulated by her love of travel to far off places and her immersion into the unknown world.

An artist at heart, Camilla’s ‘MOTHER’ Anniversary Collection celebrates mother nature and the local art, people, weather, flora, fauna, and love that have shaped her designs.

Franks recently announced Camilla’s $20,000 donation to Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef. The organisation combines research, tourism, industry and conservation, to create awareness and educate the world about the threat to the Australian reefs.

Her collaboration with the indigenous artists of Australia has created the Reef Capsule collection. The capsule pays tribute to the Australian connections to land and sea and the fragility of the Great Barrier Reef.

Every item in her collection is a treasured piece, created from sustainable, environmentally friendly silk and hand-cut, every crystal is applied with precision and every print is hand-designed, and above all, MADE WITH LOVE.

If you would like to celebrate with Camilla, then visit Zee & Co for the full collection today.