For all footwear fashionistas, check out these fabulous Maison Margiela Black Low-Top Fusion Trainers. For the ultimate in luxury, opulent trainers, Maison Margiela has designed and crafted these fabulous, eye-catching deconstructions with a raw, recycled post-apocalyptic look.

Designed with an idiosyncratic twist, these black calf leather trainers are worthy of a spotlight appearance. As with works of fashion art, these ‘piece de resistance’ trainers have gold-tone panels, ‘duct tape’ detailing and a ‘dripped silicone finish’.

Pushing fashion boundaries and re-defining men’s and women’s haute couture clothing and footwear has been part of the Maison Margiela ethos for many years. Finding recognition in challenging the fashion world’s ideas on luxury fashion, together with their innovative and intellectual approach to ‘shock and delight’, this French fashion house has become a ‘go-to’ label fashion art.

Quirky and offbeat, maximise your strut and step out in style. Embrace the ‘subversive’ nature of these artistic, innovative and fun trainers available from Zee & Co. Shop online and in store.