Introducing True Grace Home Fragrance: The Essence of England

Zee & Co are thrilled to announce the arrival of Wiltshire-based home luxury home fragrance brand, True Grace, to the site.

True Grace offer a range of home fragrance scented candles and reed diffusers made with real fruits, herbs and flowers to deliver long-lasting luxury scents to suit every space, mood and occasion. Handmade in England, each product comes presented in a beautiful soft smoked glass, making an elegant addition to any room. Both the candle and diffuser containers can be cleaned and re-used to make an ongoing ornament or container for the home.

The four True Grace scents are invocative, genuine and refreshing. Each is hand-blended for longevity and won’t fade after a few hours – this is true luxury home fragrance.

True Grace Amber provides a warm, seductive and homely fragrance perfect for cooler weather and snuggling up! Amber resin, when crushed, gives a distinctive aroma that has been proven to give numerous health benefits. It can promote healthy, deep sleep quality and some even claim that it acts an aphrodisiac! Amber also encourages harmony and balance – so a great scent to have on in the home after a long day at work.

True Grace Orangery invokes summery citrus tones, mixing orange blossom with rose and jasmine for a bright scent that’s subtle but zesty. Orange blossom is a soothing scent and a great way to add some spring-summer feeling into your home, combatting the grey and dark long days of the colder months!

True Grace Black Lily blends jasmine, violets, lily and vanilla to give a ‘garden at night’ scent. It will quickly fill a room, and its exotic mix of natural goodness is beneficial to wellbeing and calm. These floral essences sweetened with a twist of vanilla truly combine to give off a beautiful perfume.

The last, but by no means least, scent in the range is True Grace Sacristy. Conjuring up images and memories of churches and worship, song and faith, this is a deeper and more masculine fragrance than the rest of the collection. Wood panelling and leather-bound books combine with smoky musk to deliver a rich aroma that’s unrivalled and unique.

Each of the True Grace candles has a burning time of 40-hours. To best extend the life of your reed diffuser, we recommend flipping them every couple of days. This new collection is truly stunning and unlike anything else you’ll find on the home fragrance market: so shop now and start your journey to balance, relaxation and beautiful scents!