Everyone loves summer. It’s that perfect time of year where you can relax in the sunny spot of your garden, eating ice cream everyday to stay cool and the long evenings. But if there’s one thing most of us hate about the warm weather, it’s the steaming red pile of perspiration it turns us into whenever there’s just a glimmer of sunshine. Especially if you’re someone who lives and dies in a pair of jeans; not a good look!

It’s those reasons that summer dressing can be a bit problematic. So whether you’re too hot to handle the heat or simply hate wearing slightly revealing clothes and want to push your comfort zone, here’s our guide to dressing for summer, for those who hate dressing for summer.

Get Inspired

Dabbling in the fashion world has never been so easy. With so many fashion bloggers and Instagram babes in impossible not have your eyes opened to buckets of inspiration (even if they are bad for your bank account). Whether you’re into slightly androgynous dressing, high end glamour or have a flare for all things feminine, we recommend you checking out The Anna Edit, In The Frow or Zee & Co’s very own Grace. They’re the best for fashion inspiration and love incorporating their style favourites into our own.

Identify Your Key Pieces

Many of us are just someone who feels more comfortable in a pair of jeans and a top than anything too revealing. So, for that reason, we suggest finding alternatives for the thick, sweat inducing fabrics that you would normally wear the rest of the year. A great alternative to jeans are the Moncler Stretch Smart Trousers. The elasticated waistband means they’re not too clingy and still look great with tops tucked into them. A great summer choice.

For tops, most of us Brits probably love a long sleeve number that’s good for when the weather is at its usual “should I wear a jacket or not” temperatures. However, they’re not so fab when it’s so hot that you’ve got every single window open and still feel like you can’t wear anything else but a pair of pants.


Enter the cami. A lot of us love dressing like we haven’t made an effort, and white tops often offer that off-duty vibe. But this season, it’s all about a sophisticated look, with lace and crochet designs being rife among retailers. Our favourite is the Perseverance Pink Baroque Lace Cami Top, which gave us heart eyes immediately. It’s just one of those garments that you can for any occasion and look like you have your life together. Score!

Work Your Shape

During the colder months, our silhouettes tend to resemble that of the abominable snowman with the amount of layering we do. However, with the sun now shining, it’s time to embrace a more revealing silhouette.

We all have our own insecurities about our bodies. Whether it’s your arms, legs, hips or boobs there’s always something we wish we could change. Instead of hiding it, give yourself a bit of self-love and work it! Whether you’re a size six or a size twenty there’s always something to make you look as fabulous on the outside to match.

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