We all come in different shapes and sizes and something that fits perfectly and looks amazing on one woman, may not always be the best choice for another (Not that we don’t advocate wearing whatever the h*** you want if it makes YOU feel good!).

This certainly doesn’t mean that these women have a ‘better’ figure and rather that sometimes discovering clothes that suit you is more about finding a good fit, than the shape of your body. The first step to selecting styles that flatter your best assets is to figure out what works best for your body type. Of course, most importantly you must feel comfortable and confident in what you are wearing, however by keeping your body shape in mind, you can make outfit choices that truly make the most of what your mama gave ya!

When it comes to body types, most women fall under one of  five categories: the hourglass (curvy with a small waist), the apple (slightly wider around the middle),the pear (larger on the bottom), the inverted triangle (wider on top) or the rectangle (straight up and down). Each with their own qualities and attributes. Here are a few of our top tips for dressing for your shape, to help you make the right decisions to flatter your figure.


The hourglass

Typical traits: Hourglass women have shoulders and hips that are similar in proportion and a narrow waist. May have a larger bust and bum creating a gorgeous curvaceous look.

What to wear: If you are an hourglass, luck you! You’ve got curves to die for, so you should aim to dress to flatter them and accentuate your small waist. Tailored or belted styles are great for showing off your figure, as well as crop tops, wrap around and fit & flare designs. Avoid ruffles or frills around the bust or hips to avoid creating additional volume.


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The apple

Typical traits: Women with an apple body shape carry more weight around their middle than anywhere else. They tend to have an ample bust and slimmer arms and legs.

What to wear: To dress for your shape you should focus on highlighting your shoulders and legs and avoid anything that clings or adds any unnecessary bulk around your stomach. Slightly flared trousers or clothing with structured shoulders can help to balance out your figure.


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The pear

Typical traits: If you are have a pear body shape, you have wider hips than shoulders.

What to wear: If you have this body type, your aim should be to even out your proportions by offsetting a wider bottom by creating the illusion of wider shoulders. In order to balance out your figure, wear styles that accentuate your top half, such as a structured shoulders, off the shoulder styles, cold shoulder designs or ruffles. Another good rule to stick by is to wear tops that fall either above or below your widest point around your hips, to avoid highlighting your bottom half.


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The inverted triangle

Typical traits: Women of this body shape tend to have wider shoulders than they do hips and therefore form a kind of inverted triangle shape. Your waist and hips may also measure around the same size.

What to wear: To flatter your figure, opt for designs that highlight your bottom half and avoid necklines that widen your top half, for example bardots and halter necks. Flared skirts and wide leg trousers will help to boost your bottom half, whereas wrap shaped tops can help to create the illusion of a narrower top half. Shift and A line cuts are also a flattering options for balancing out your figure.


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The rectangle

Typical traits:  A rectangular figure is quite straight up and down and you may be of an athletic build. Women with this body type will have a waist, shoulders and hips of round about the same width.

What to wear: To create a flattering silhouette, you should pick styles that will create the illusion of curves. Fitted styles that nip in at the waist, as well as ruffles and unusual shapes will give you a more curvy appearance. If you are looking to boost your bust, high necklines can assist you with this.


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