I’m sure many of you have seen something you’ve liked but then looked at the price tag and asked, “Is it worth it”? and then come to the conclusion that you would get a similar item on the high street for less money…. don’t worry I’m guilty too!

Although when building your wardrobe, it’s nice to have classic pieces that go with a variety of items as trends are constantly changing!


To start building your wardrobe, it’s essential you have the basics. By basics, I mean neutral coloured vests, t-shirts, and trousers. Having neutral clothing will allow you to purchase statement pieces knowing that they will go with something in your wardrobe.


Designer items are mainly statement pieces, that takes an outfit to the next level. Examples of this include; Zanotti trainers, Kenzo bags and our suggestions below.

Although when mentioning the word ‘designer’ people automatically assume you’re talking about Gucci and Chanel, although brands such as Adidas can provide statement garments that can be worn for different day to day activities.

The trick to wearing designer pieces is by pairing it with simple clothing so that it stands out and you do not look over the top – although over the top is not necessarily bad!

Despite the price tags on many designer items, it is good to have quality garments that you can rely on to bring your outfit together and is the best investment to your wardrobe.