Bold British label Belstaff have extended their reach to film in their latest marketing campaign parading their Outlaws collection. David Beckham stars as The Stranger, a lone motorcycle stuntman who travels the Mexican desert hunted by hired thugs and his bitter past. This unique new film seeks inspiration from biker B-movies, nickel noirs, Fellini circus films and the Mexican wilderness. Positioned as a nameless, speechless character, Beckham lets his ensemble of leather jackets, dark jeans and worn boots give an injection of attitude to his on-screen presence.

Lasting fifteen minutes, this film follows Beckham’s journey as an outlaw in the Mexican wild. Beginning in a thrilling escape from hired brutes, the picture backtracks to a Freak Show circus movie production where The Stranger adopts the position of motorcycle stuntman. After falling for a beautiful trapeze artist, Beckham escapes from the show and is hounded by the wrath of the manic director. This film falls in line with the mystery, masculinity and iconic appearance of the Belstaff Outlaw jacket. The garment has been launched into legendary status in the eyes of the brand and has definitely made us all stand up and take note.

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