From a brand that influenced the style of a generation comes this exquisit new collection of sunglasses. The retro, yet futuristic designs by Cazal could be argued are like a work of art in themselves and are sure to make a bold statement.

“You only get that authentic quality with brands that have written their own design story” – Cari Zalloni

Hailing from the heights of hip-hop culture in the 1980s, Cazal frames were considered a status symbol. Nowadays you can find these shades transforming the looks of insiders, innovators, collectors and individuals alike.


Designed with the highest level of care and attention, these shades define your style with a flawless extravagance that revolutionises the way the world looks at you.

Here at Zee & Co you can find a scrupulously selected collection of retro, yet urban frames from the brand in a variety of geometrics shapes, vibrant hues and contrasting textures.