Founded in 2002, Wood Wood is a contemporary fashion and lifestyle brand based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Directed by its co-founders Karl-Oskar Olsen and Brian SS Jensen, the pair grew up during the ’90s boom surrounded by graffiti and street gangs, and the era’s influence has been key to their success.

Wood Wood mixes high-end fashion, sports and streetwear with youth culture, art and music to create the best possible balance between style and function.

Described as ‘Contemporary Street-wear’, Wood Wood transcends fashion in ways many designers could only dream of; marking its place among the world’s elite with a strong sports component combined with the brand’s ability to move up and down the fashion spectrum.

Wood Wood’s designs are built upon iconic silhouettes with a sports-inspired feel, staying true to the sub-culture heritage of the brand.

The Wood Wood collections have evolved into tailored and sophisticated expressions while keeping their playful graphic profile that often revolves around juxtapositions and iconography.

Wood Wood is much more than a brand. It’s about style and attitude. We were raised with the desire to constantly evolve and we’ll keep on taking the brand even further by combining elements of underground and high-end into our very own aesthetic.”
– Karl-Oskar Olsen, Co-founder and Creative Director.

Wood Wood is available now at Zee & Co.