What do you get if you take a bag of sheep skinned boots, a young surfer from Australia and combine them with heaps of hope, ambition and determination? A rather large and successful footwear brand called UGG, that’s what!

Founder, Brian Smith, had dreamed of turning his love of sheepskin apparel into a business and the rest is history.


UGG is most widely known for their signature sheepskin boots and relaxed outdoor style, however there is much more to the brand than many may be aware of. This season their focus is on sportswear and breaking the common perception that they are purely a Winter brand.

A brief history of UGG

Convinced that the relaxed lifestyle of Southern California was the perfect environment to launch the UGG brand, Brian Smith decided to chase the dream and set up shop there in 1978.

His sheepskin boots were an immediate success and by the mid-80s the UGG brand was well recognised throughout the state, particularly among the surfing community.

Jump forward to the late 90s-2000s and UGG had gained status as an icon of casual fashion and was firmly on the radar of numerous celebrities and style icons. A monumental moment in UGG’s history was when US talk show host, Oprah Winfrey, professed her love of UGG boots to her seven million strong audience and bought 350 pairs for her staff and audience. Now that’s a backing worth having, as UGG’s success exploded for them on.

The brand went on evolve, transforming from a brand who sells sheepskin shoes for an outdoor lifestyle, to a luxurious footwear brand that is regularly featured  in Vogue and pops up on catwalks and fashion shoots around the world.

As the market continued to grow, UGG began producing footwear in numerous style and colour variations; however it was their trademark sheepskin boot that was a wardrobe must-have. There are now hundreds of UGG retailers around the world.

UGG have collaborated with a number of other brands over the years including Jimmy Choo, Swarovski and most recently, a partnership with Pixar Studios, seeking inspiration from animated film ‘Inside Out’.

Spring/Summer 2016

With UGG’s most iconic product being their signature sheepskin lined boots, it’s understandable that they are widely perceived to be a Winter brand. This season, however, it is the brand’s mission to break this perception and prove that they are in fact a year round brand.

Ugg 2

Their Spring/Summer 2016 collection focuses highly on intelligent designs that offer both comfort and style, including flexible soles and moulded foot beds.  A large emphasis is also being placed on their sports range, equipped with features including UGG’s Treadlite outsole for lightweight cushioning, durability, and traction.


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