A Brief History…

In 1948, by the Lake Maggiore, Giuseppe Marenzi founded Herno.  The name was inspired by the river Erno, that passes through Lesa, a small Italian comune. He added the letter H to the brand to give it an international touch.

Lake Maggiore

Herno began to gain a status by producing raincoats at a time when waterproof materials did not exist. With their high manufacturing quality and direct control of the creation process, the brand have been able to maintain values that have been passed on from father to son.

A New Vision…

Claudio Marenzi, the youngest of Giuseppe’s three children, always had an interest in his fathers profession, and often observed the production of the brand’s garments. In 2007 he became CEO of the company, and then President in 2012. His vision saw the need for significant change within their strategy, and the brand soon became a company with a streamlined and efficient business model.

Herno Brand Picture

Herno is a family run business that have specialised in outerwear for over 60 years. Their designs are recognisable and high quality, and by doing innovative research they offer one of the largest choices of technologies in the outerwear business. Their knowledge of textiles and couture fashion allows them to incorporate a wide range of styles and colours.

In 2007, the brand introduced a successful collection of pieces made with best quality down from fine geese feathers from Northern Italy. This resulted in a uniquely soft and lightweight style. They focused on city inspired elegance, and included silky effect fabric and 20 denier material that strayed away from the conventions of sportswear.

Herno Today…

Herno today have stores all around their world, with their first flagship opening in Milan in 2012.

Their AW16 collection focuses on functionality and aesthetics. Their outerwear is aimed at modern consumers with excellent taste. The brand takes pride in their quality craftmanship, and each garment reflects this with distinctive Italian traits.

The Lanimar collection created by Claudio Marenzi is inspired by his love of the mountains. By using innovative methods and researching into new technologies, these high performance outwear garments have been customised for metropolitan use.


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