Helmut Lang is best-known for minimalist, street-style pieces which embrace deconstructivity. Pushing boundaries and breaking traditions is like a red flag to a bull for designers, and Lang’s thought-provoking capsules are no different. Ranging from the simple to the obscure, Helmut Lang has solidified itself as one of the most sought-after fashion houses in the world. Vastly popular among a core supporter base who love feeling unique in their attire, it is no wonder the brand has continued to soar decade after decade.

In 1987, the brand’s minimalist approach was labelled as deconstructionist and avant-garde – a moniker which still stands today as a proud symbol of overcoming adversity and succeeding at achieving your goals no matter how lofty they may seem.

However, it isn’t just the Helmut Lang style that attracts people from all walks of life. It is the brand’s philosophies, its burning passion to create new and exciting ideas which makes them a giant of the catwalk.

Helmut Lang also paved the way for many fresh-faced designers to try their luck at the top table, with many big-name brands today pointing to what Lang achieved as their own source of artistic inspiration.

So, remember, when you wear a Helmut Lang piece this season, you aren’t just pulling on a t-shirt or hoodie with the brand’s name etched against the fabric. You are, in fact, wearing a piece of history, an artefact of style sewn together from blood, sweat and tears. You aren’t just promoting an artist and his vision; you are a living and breathing piece of that art; and that is something to feel proud about.

Helmut Lang is available now at Zee & Co.