From the moment it launched in 2014, Axel Arigato has embraced and delivered on its promise of a disruptive agenda, knocking down barriers and creating footwear the world never realised it so badly wanted.

The idea of Axel Arigato started with its founders, Max Svärdh and Albin Johansson, who questioned the whole structure of the industry – including how and why you make things. With this mindset, the duo set off on an exciting journey which saw them create some of the world’s most incredible footwear ranges, each designed by foregoing seasonal collections, traditional sales channels and engaging with their customers directly.

Axel Arigato was launched with a single main objective: to embrace the now while always looking to tomorrow.

Cultural references which have made Axel Arigato such a popular fashion choice include using music, art and architecture to help illustrate the kind of world the brand loves to project.

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