The alarm goes off, the feeling of dread and despair washes over you as the prospect of leaving the warmth and comfort of your bed becomes evermore urgent. We’ve all been there, and strangely, though Monday comes around without fail, it never seems any less awful when it does arrive. But, trust us, there are a number of easy ways to make that manic Monday morning seem a little less monstrous.


It might sound like a lot of effort to put in on a Friday afternoon, especially when that glass of wine is just moments within your reach, BUT preparing for the week ahead will not only save you time, it’ll mean when you come into the office your head will be a little clearer. Being one of the busiest days of the week, try scheduling your meetings and appointments for other days of the week, and if you know you’ll have a lot on that week, write a list and put it in order of priority.


If, like us, you’re glued to your phone, then switching off might seem like a daunting and impossible task. But setting those boundaries between work and life are essential to maintaining a happy life. When that clock hits home time that’s it, leave it behind. Being strict with your employers might seem a bit risky, but if they value happy employees then your time should be exactly that, yours. Spend time with your friends and family, go out, see a movie, have a tasty meal. Creating those boundaries will give you the proper break that you deserve, so that when you walk in on Monday, you’ll feel all the more refreshed.


Think of Sunday afternoon as time to sort yourself out for the week ahead. Prepping your meals and snacks for the week isn’t just good diet advice, it saves time in the long run too. So, rather than rushing around in the morning to throw together a sandwich and grabbing the first snack that comes to hand, invest in some Tupperware and cook your lunches for the week. Pasta and rice dishes are great for making in bulk, and are versatile enough to handle most ingredients. Also, stock up on nuts, seeds and dried fruit to make snack pots that are high in protein and vitamins.


Yes, before you enjoy one final slumber before the week begins make sure you’ve set the alarm for the morning. Though the thought of setting your alarm may seem awful at the time, giving yourself plenty of time in the morning can be the difference between a day that runs smoothly and a day that runs you into the ground.


You might think this sounds mad, especially if just the thought of getting up is bad enough, but getting up and out for a quick run is more effective in boosting your energy than a cup of coffee. Not only does running help to clear your mind for the day ahead, it kick-starts your metabolism, improves your overall health and has even been proven to help improve the quality of your sleep. What’s more, if you fit in your workout at the start of your day, then there’s a greater chance of developing a consistent work out routine.


There’s a reason why they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Let’s face it, if you come into the office running on empty, chances are you’re going to find it hard to get into the groove of things.  Having a decent breakfast is not only great for getting you off to a flying start, it stimulates the metabolism and gives you vital energy. If, like me, you rarely have the time to sit down to breakfast, then prepare the night before. Boiled eggs and sliced meats are a great alternative; they’re high in protein and easy to nibble on even when you’re flying down the motorway.


It’s so important to spend some time bonding with your work colleagues. More often than not, you’ll spend more time with the people you work with than your spouse, so being able to have a laugh with them not only creates a positive work place environment, it’s pretty important for your mental health as well. Try having a conversation with someone about their weekend, a film you’ve seen, perhaps bring in a naughty cake. When you’re surrounded by happy people, it’ll make you feel a whole lot better too.


Nothing is more uninspiring than being surrounded by blank walls so try to jazz up your work space so it feels a little less dismal. It might seem a little frivolous to decorate your work space, but if you consider how much time you spend there, it only makes sense to make it as comfortable and pleasurable to be in as possible. Try adding a pot plant to your space. The benefits of having plants in the work space are almost endless. It’s proven that plants not only reduce stress and illness because they clean the air we breathe, they’ve also been proven to increase productivity and creativity.


Though it may be easier said than done, a positive mind-set will see you through many a tough time. It’s not just simply a case of grin and bare it, staying positive involves reflecting on the things that make us happy and the things we’re grateful for. It may sound corny, but spending just a minute or two contemplating the things that bring us joy, or even the things we’re looking forward to will help to lift you out of that Monday morning slump. So get thinking, and get happy!