Firstly, we’re half way through January…so congrats for getting this far! It’s not exactly the most exciting of months is it? And much like it’s weekly counterpart ‘Monday’ (*groan*) it’s a bit of a drag, right? Even better yet, Mondays IN January. Are they really necessary?

It’s highly likely that by this point in the month all of your new year inspiration is starting to expire and your Monday mornings are starting to feel like a bit of a chore. The excitement of Christmas and New Year celebrations have subsided and he cold, dark days really do begin to take their toll.

In order to boost your spirits on so called ‘Blue Monday’, we’ve come up with a few ideas for staying motivated and happy this month. By making just a few small changes, Mondays will soon be an absolute breeze.

Now let’s get this week off to a positive start!

Get Organised

If you leave work on the Friday already dreading the thought of returning to the office on Monday, it might be a good idea to organise your workload before you leave for the weekend. Make a plan and stick to a list of priorities, so you can return with a  fresh on Monday and get stuck in.

Get Excited

You don’t want to wish your life away, but writing down all the things you have to look forward to may motivate you to work hard. Whether it’s holiday plans or just catching up with old friends, no matter how big or small, make a list of all the exciting things coming up, so you always have something exciting to work towards.

Get Up Earlier

Okay, so waking up even earlier on a Monday morning might not sound like the best idea, but giving yourself longer to get ready in the morning allows you to have a bit of ‘me’ time. Whether you fancy sitting down with a cup of tea in front of the TV for a few minutes before you leave, or want to spend longer getting ready, having those few extra minutes to yourself will put you in a positive mind set. You may also want to try going to bed a bit earlier, as a good night sleep really is underrated!

Get Positive

Definitely easier said than done, but sometimes faking it until you make it can change your outlook. Try starting your day off with a positive thought, and things may start to seem that bit easier, making you more motivated about the working week ahead of you.

Get Busy

Make the your weekdays more interesting by arranging different things to do during the week. After a long day at work, you may just want to head home and sit in front of the TV, but making plans in the evening gives you something to look forward to. Even if it’s just heading out for dinner, or catching a film at the cinema, breaking up the week with things to do will make Monday mornings feel a lot less daunting.

Get Healthy

Kickstart the week on a healthy note by making an energising breakfast smoothie. After your weekend, it’ll feel fantastic to ditch the junk food in favour of a fresh and fruity start to the day. You can’t beat a smoothie filled to the brim with spinach, kale and all of the best fruits and veggies.