Summer is here (we hope) and while you have been working hard on that beach body, you may have neglected to inspect your feet. Not to worry, help is at hand! Winter and the chilly temperatures have seen your feet shoved into a perpetual hibernation of socks and boots, and endless months of your feet never seeing the light of day could have resulted in soles becoming dry and cracked. Therefore, your skin had best be attended to before any fantasies of flip-flops, sand, sun or beach can be entertained!

 Luckily all these symptoms are easy to solve and soon your feet will be ready to see the sun.


D.I.Y. Foot Care

Everyone has their phobias so being squeamish about letting other people near your feet is nothing to be ashamed of, or maybe you are just a do-it-yourself kind of guy. You welcome the idea of personally taking care of your feet rather than surrendering them to a complete stranger in a nail salon. Perhaps you believe it is the manly thing do. Whatever your reasoning, be sure you follow the prescribed simple steps below, to achieve the enviable beach ready feet effect.


Soothe Your Soles

Heels commonly develop a layer of hard skin, that becomes vulnerable to cracks or scales. So before you can slip those feet into unsuspecting sandals, those dry cracked soles have to go. The easiest remedy is to begin by exfoliating using a bio sculpture pumice stone. Soak your feet into a bowl of warm water and wait until the skin becomes soft and supple before soaking the pumice stone to help ease its glide across your skin. Gently run it over the calloused area and repeat the process until the desired result is achieved. Apply a heel balm to add a nice finishing touch.


Real men get pedicures?

The circulating assumptions associated with men getting manicures may be enough to repel some from the very idea. However, this need not be an issue as there are homemade alternatives for achieving the same result. It can be as simple as just trimming those long nails. Using a nail clipper, clip them straight across, you might need to cut small pieces of the nail at a time rather than all at once and risk breaking it. Once all the nails have been trimmed, file them down in one direction and try to avoid filing down the side walls of the nail as this might cause in-growing nails.

Repeat this process regularly throughout the season.


Take care of that foot odour

This crucial part of transitioning from sock to flip-flop is often overlooked. Luckily there are measures which can be put into effect to help with any whiffy issues! The first and simplest solution is to improve air circulation to your feet and then follow the examples below of how best to achieve results:

  • Wearing leather or canvas rather than plastic shoes will help improve air circulation, as they will let your feet breathe. Avoid wearing the same shoes for days in a row. Instead try switching it up with different shoes to allow at least 24 hours to dry out.
  • Try going barefoot when you are relaxing at home in the evenings and go for open-toed sandals in summer.
  • Wash your feet with an anti-bacterial soap (available at your local pharmacy). Repeat this a couple of times a day, twice per week and your feet will be smelling like roses.
  • To give you an additional confidence boost, use a spray deodorant (an antiperspirant works just as well as a specialist foot product and will cost you less!).


Ready. Set. Beach!

Now that your feet are beach ready, all you need are some sandals or flip-flops. There are a wide range of these from Zee & Co’s handpicked luxury designers, so complete your final step for beach ready feet in style.

Remember, if all else fails, you can always retreat back to your socks…