If you welcomed in the new year with a banging headache from partying the night before, you might be feeling in the mood for a detox, or even participating in Dry January throughout the month. With money tight after all the Christmas festivities too, cutting back on the drink may even do wonders for your bank balance, as well as your health.

If your usual habits are getting ready to hit the clubs at the end of the working week, you may be stuck for ideas of how to spend your weekend sans alcohol. Not only this, but the cold weather is most likely making you want to hibernate until the spring too, but there are plenty of fun ways to spend a sober weekend that you’ll definitely be grateful to remember. Here are a few of our top ideas.


Movie Night


Get a group of friends together and arrange a movie night. Think cheesy films, snacks and countless mugs of hot chocolate. A sleepover is a great opportunity to catch up with friends too, because let’s face it clubs aren’t the ideal place for a meaningful conversation. So gather your blankets, put on your favourite pair of pyjamas and prepare to spend a cosy night in with the family you choose for yourself.


Spending your weekend working may seem like the last thing on your mind, but helping out people within your local community is a great way to spend your free time. With your hangover free head, you’ll be able to throw yourself into something meaningful, making a positive difference to people that need help. Check out where you can help out this weekend, and you might even meet some new people and have some fun along the way.


If one of your new years resolutions was to get fit, your alcohol free weekend is the perfect opportunity to get started. In the winter the idea of curling up on the sofa with a cup of tea feels a lot more appealing than putting your running shoes on, but it’s time to brave the cold weather and get exploring. Whether you fancy a bike ride, walk or run, use your weekend as an opportunity to get moving, and it’s guaranteed that you’ll feel so much better for it come Monday morning.

Life Admin Day

Ever find yourself cancelling basic promises you made to yourself to rest up in bed after a night of drinking? Turn your weekend off the booze into a productive one with a bit of life admin. Whether you need to do a post Christmas house clean, or just want to get organised for the year ahead, your sober weekend will be great for getting back on track. You’ll be heading back to work on Monday feeling as though you’ve achieved something great, too.

Dance The Night Away

Okay, so maybe not what you had in mind for a sober weekend, but if you have serious FOMO and your friends are planning a big night out hit the clubs anyway, but stick to soft drinks. It’ll be a great way to test your willpower and resist temptation! And on the plus side, if it’s a great night you’ll definitely remember it and won’t have a sore head in the morning.