J LINDEBERG – Smooth, Sharp and On Point

We are excited to announce the Spring Summer 2018 Collection of our partner J.Lindeberg – a Scadanavian global lifestyle brand designed for modern day living. A product that’s easy to embrace with sharp sporty silhouettes, unexpected detail, colour and function.


The J Lindeberg brand:- A Swedish man and womenswear brand founded in1996 Stockholm, by Johan Lindeberg who created his brand with the one purpose in mind; “to bridge the gap of functionality between sportswear and fashion” which is embodied by the symbol of the brand’s bridge logo.

The J Lindeberg brand:- has succeeded with its offer of a unique take on, sportswear-inspired style as we know it today, to that of innovative contemporary fashion for active sportswear function.

They are neither a sports brand trying to do fashion, nor are they a fashion brand trying to do sport they are “ Sports Fashion”

The J Lindeberg brand:- offers garments that defy convention and are ideally suited for the active lifestyle. They have a range of styles which are accessible to all and for diverse occasions in both every day and evening-wear. An ethical apparel that is minimal and effortless in design, combined with high-quality timeless sophistication.

The J Lindeberg brand:- “Spring Summer 2018 Collection” has refocused on the brands core DNA and values by revisiting the tailoring archive of 20 years ago, and to rework some of their signature silhouettes from the past, exploring various reinterpretations with an eye on current fashion developments and trends.

The main category of spring summer 2018 thus allows for a modern attitude that feels fresh, yet effortless and intuitive ie:

  • Perfected fits and silhouettes
  • Luxurious and innovative fabrics
  • Splashes of colour as a seasonal theme

The most exciting addition and some of our eagle-eyed lovers might have already spotted the brands reintroduced JL bridge logo across its fashion and sports lines.

Below we have captured some of our favourites from his latest collection, now available in instore and online.