Looking for some serious style inspo? Well, these ladies and gents have got their finger on the pulse of fashion. With their leagues of adoring followers, we take a look at what makes them so successful in the Instagram arena.


Anna Speckhart

With just shy of 80,000 followers, Anna Speckhart has gathered herself a hearty cult following, and it’s not hard to see why. Aside from the fact Speckhart is graced with an ethereal beauty that is altogether captivating, her clean and wholesome style is underscored by her deadpan humour which makes for oddly entertaining viewing.

Her most recent videos feature her unblinkingly peeling a courgette, a scene of bubble wrap stabbing and a scene challenging viewers to a staring contest with her and her gorgeous pooch. She makes the most banal, everyday occurrences seem strangely amusing. And for those animal lovers out there, you’ll love the real star of the show, Anna’s beloved doggo ?

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Fatou N’diaye

Launching her successful blog BlackBeautyBag.com back in 2007, the French-raised, half-Nigerian, quarter-Malian, and quarter-Senegalese blogger Fatou N’diaye initially sought to challenge the media’s restrictive view on beauty and readdress the under-representation of black women in the French Media.

Wanting to establish a voice that truly reflected the diversity of the country, N’diaye has accumulated a following of nearly 100,000 on Instagram, and her blog offers everything from forums for people to exchange their beauty tricks and tips, to articles urging environmental awareness. N’diaye has shown that beauty is so much more than the stereotypes portrayed in the media and she does this through her bold, fearless and elegant sense of style.

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Tanesha Awasthi

A.K.A. Girl with Curves, Tanesha Awasthi began her blogging journey back in 2011 to cater to an overwhelmingly unrepresented community within the fashion sphere- that is, ladies with curves. Initially started as merely a creative outlet, Tanesha wanted to share her style and love of fashion with the world, but has since gone on to become a body-positive ambassador that inspires thousands of women worldwide.

Open and honest about her battle with eating disorders, Tanesha knows first hand the crippling effects of a negative body image. Her blog and Instagram feed are all about celebrating and promoting a sense of self-love and self-worth. ❤️

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Aleali May

If you’re looking for style inspiration, then Aleali May is your go to for experimental street-wear trends. Model and fashion blogger, Aleali began her career in fashion with Louis Vuitton and the RSVP Gallery Chicago. Taking every opportunity to collaborate and create with brands such Nike and Adidas, Aleali uses her Insta profile to promote up and coming collections.

In an interview with The Coveteur, Aleali may said, “When it comes to Louboutins, most women purchase heels as their first pair, but I got the sneakers instead.”  To be sure, Aleali’s sporty aesthetic is both refreshing and makes her stand out from the rest of the fashion crowd, which is why she deserves a spot in our top 7 Instagram icons!

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Ari Seth Cohen

With over 209,000 followers and counting, the creator of Advanced Style is proving that style has no age limit! When starting out, Cohen couldn’t help but notice the absence of older models within the Media, “I noticed a lack of older people in fashion campaigns and street style sites,” he says. “I wanted to show that you can be stylish, creative and vital at any age.”

His Insta is full of gorgeous portraits as well as heart-warming testimonies from couples who’s love for life and fashion has never faltered. Showing that we can learn a lot from our elders, Cohen’s photography brings a vibrancy and energy to the world of fashion that is hard pushed to be found elsewhere.

Image courtesy of #advancedstyle

Hanneli Mustaparta

You’d be forgiven for envying Hanneli’s stunning Scandinavian beauty, not to mention her to die for collection of rare fashion pieces. With an array of professional attributes under her belt, including photographer, model and fashion blogger, Hanneli’s talents seem to be inexhaustible. Working closely with Vogue and due to launch her own line of wool clothing in collaboration with designer Pierre Robert,  Hanneli is very much on the front line of fashion.

Her Insta profile documents her glamorous life and travels, proving that elegance is attainable where ever you go!  And she’s not without a sense of humour, which makes her pretty much perfect, doesn’t it?

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Blake Von D

Well, what a woman! Beginning her blog back in 2008, Blake initially set out to use social media as a creative outlet and as a platform for her to express her thoughts and support for the causes close to her heart. Little did she know her taste and talent for fashion would see her readership extend across six continents!

What’s more, Blake Von D is a champion for female empowerment, working to redefine the concepts of diversity and beauty. So, if you like your fashion as powerful and inspiring as your women, be sure to check her out!

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And that concludes our round-up of Insta icons! Let us know who your favourites are over at Facebook and Twitter! ?