Ladies, when it comes to footwear, there is no denying the power an ankle boot commands. This wardrobe staple walks the fine line between trendy and practical, taking you from day through to night with a fun variety of smart and casual outfit combinations. Ankle boots are so versatile they can see you through any day to day ventures, be it a high pressure office meeting, relaxed casual lunch or maybe you opt to conclude the day with an exquisite ‘cocktails with friends’ look.

As far as looks go, ankle boots look fabulous with just about anything, from mini skirts and dresses to jeans and smart look trousers. They are the perfect cure for any fashion conundrum, all you need is a little guidance on how to make the most of these god-send shoes. So here’s a little insight to help you look just as stylish with casual outfits as you do with smart…




Smart Dress Ankle2

Never underestimate the lure of a little black dress when paired with an equally fabulous pair of ankle boots. When in doubt on what to wear for formal occasions or perhaps you just want to opt for the smart look, opting for a black colour code is usually a good starting point. An all black theme offers a sleek premium feel, perfect for a night out with friends or even a formal work event.


  • Introduce a smart blazer to complete a formal look, a leather jacket or a casual jacket to compliment a more relaxed style.
  • Add accessories that compliment the main colour theme (gold detailed accessories such as bags and watches will work wonders for a black theme).
  • Introducing a pattern into the mix will promote balance (a striped phone case will diffuse the black make the look more striking).
  • Depending on temperature, add a pair of tights and a silk scarf to keep you warm (sheer tights usually work best)




casual dress2

Since ankle boots are so versatile, the casual dress option comes with endless styling options. Compatible dresses range from body-con midi and mini dresses through to loose fitting or flared styles, which can be styled with a variety of ankle boots including dressed down smart ones. Luckily transforming your casual dress style from summer to autumn winter couldn’t be easier, simply introduce layers such as knitwear, jackets and tights to take your look to a whole new level of stylish.


  • Keep the colours simple and complimentary for a clean feel and relaxed look.
  • Tassels add an element of playfulness and fun to any look, so having tasselled detailing on a bag will tie in nicely with a tasselled ankle boot.
  • Layer up with a light blue denim jacket or any selected casual jacket that compliments the existing colours.
  • Keeping it stylish, introduce tights and a scarf to add the warmth factor to this look.




Smart-shorts ankle

When transitioning from sun inspired beiges, take your smart look skirt or shorts style to new heights by introducing an autumn/winter colour palette to your wardrobe. Typically darker colours such as navys or dark beige can be gradually introduced to help offset paler tones, so add a navy jacket to a light colour theme and finish off with bare look tights and ankle boots. Additional layers for this look include scarves, knitwear and various other accessories.


  • This look is not just for summer time, so introduce layers like a scarf, cardigan or a jacket.
  • The combination works also works well with tights (‘bare look tights’ are favourable but black and other colours may also have the desired effect)
  • Introduce different styles of skirts and shorts. This is a versatile look that will work with most skirt styles, from body-con mini and midi skirts to flared.
  • Keep an eye on colours, adding slightly darker colours will help offset the pale and beige tones for a stronger outfit combination.
  • Striking prints and patterns will balance out any plain features, so a printed skirt can be paired up with plain a plain t-shirt or blouse and ankle boots.



shorts casual ankle4

There is nothing cozier than a pair of Ugg boots, they come in this shorter alternative length perfect for styling with just about anything. Options range from a variety of colours and styles , but commonly mini shorts and skirts tend to make particularly stronger outfit combinations. Layers such as knitwear are key features in this look, note that over-sized cardigans and jumpers enhance the relaxed casual feel of any Ugg and skirt/shorts combination.


  • Knitwear like cardigans and jumpers is perfect for winterizing skirts and shorts (over-sized jumpers tend to look striking when combined with Uggs)
  • Striking when worn with shorter lengths (select any mini skirts or shorts from denim and cotton, through to suede)
  • Ugg boots generally work well with a variety of colours so don’t be afraid to experiment in order to find your perfect balance (opt for monochrome colours if you favour subtlety and a contrasting colour palette for a bold yet striking look).
  • You do not always need a lot of accessories to complete every look, sometimes less is more so keep it simple for a relaxed yet stylish outfit.




smart trousers ankle

Skinny jeans with ankle boots are a match made in heaven, these intertwined wardrobe staples are more than just fashion statements. For some they are like a best friend, with the jeans hugging your legs and the heeled ankle boots adding a nice elongating finish, those legs have never looked more striking. The skinny fit trouser/jeans look is fabulous for any season, so layer up for autumn/winter with structured pieces like a tailored blazer or overcoat for a polished look.


  • Smart looks generally look fabulous with plainer more classical designs where cuts and shape play a dominant role, but don’t let this deter you from introducing a striking print (ideally a printed blouse or silk scarf).
  • These ankle boots have a higher heel so they are perfect with leggings and skinny jeans (this option is ideal for those seeking a lean and long structure)
  • Introduce accessories like a statement necklace, detailed watch and plain tote bag with gold trimmings (gold works well with almost every colour palette and it will enhance the premium factor of the outfit)



Casual trouser ankle

Nailing the casual jeans/trouser with ankle boots look couldn’t be simpler. There is a variety of styles to choose from, all you need is the right colour palette and style to make a striking combination. Jeans and trousers alike can be turned up or folded for a more fitted look, which best flaunts your ankle boots. For a stylish twist, roll up your jeans/trousers enough to reveal a sliver of skin.


  • Opt for ripped jeans for a damsel in distress look or keep it simple with a pair of plain jeans
  • Depending on your colour palette, choose from a variety of coloured jeans such as blue, light blue, white, grey etc.
  • Jeans and trousers alike can be rolled up to show off the ankle boot and a sliver of skin for a stylish twist.
  • Striking with both skinny and loose fitting jeans and trousers (roll them up to expose your ankle boots or cover part of the boots for a ‘longer leg’ effect.
  • The causal option in not just limited to jeans, other casual trousers such as sweatpants can be introduced for an edgier look.